2014 Con Season is in full swing!

30 Mar

The convention season has gone from being a late spring through early fall series of events to year round. Which makes it sort of silly to refer to it a season, but most people do not attend conventions year round- the biggest events are still centered within the traditional calendar, with smaller, regional (but good sized!) events occurring the rest of the year.

IMG_20130717_222621Already in 2014 we’ve seen some amazing moments happen at conventions- you all saw the pic of Stan Lee “breaking up a fight” between Lou Ferrigno and Chris Hemsworth from Wizard World Sacramento, right? Brilliant! And just this weekend, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s “Deathlok” (J. August Richards) palled around with Arrow‘s “Oliver Queen” (Stephen Amell) at Emerald City Comic-con. Astute fans also remember Richards as “Mr. Blank” in a first season episode of Arrow (he was merciless!).

Here at NerdLush, we love conventions. But we are all limited in funds and thus cannot generally make it to shows outside of our areas. So I’d like to put it out there for friends and fans- if you are attending a convention (BIG or small) in your area and would like to write a post and share pictures, we would love to post it for you!

16970_293538945689_7419462_nDue to some changes here at NerdLush headquarters (i.e., I am moving to a different part of California over the summer), it isn’t clear yet which SoCal events we will be attending. However, Easter weekend is WonderCon and we will be making our annual pilgrimage to Anaheim to attend. Extra bit of bonus fun this year is that I will participating in my first panel- a look at genre TV, through a psychological perspective. Like me (in my real life) the panelists are mental health professionals. And geeks. Should be a lot of fun, and very interesting- ya know, after the sheer terror.

Perhaps I will come up with more rules for cosplaying or convention do’s and don’ts. Anyone have any additions they think should be added to either list? Always open to suggestions- especially from people who get to attend events that we do not.

38649_417923785689_3147299_nFinally, for the record- at this time, it is unclear if NerdLush will be attending San Diego Comic-con this year, however we would be interested in hearing about other events you think we should try to get to ourselves or have a rep at. There are only two events that are not on our list- though they are very popular, our personal convictions keep us from participating- but everything else is fair game. Drop a comment with any thoughts or suggestions!

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