A Mission from the Chick Herself…

29 Apr

A few weeks ago the Action Chick herself emailed me and asked if I would be up for some interviews. I said of course, but there was a minor problem at the time- I was in Monterey at a conference. So she handed the reigns of the interview over to me and I spent, essentially, two weeks attempting to get it scheduled. Finally, we were able to get things figured out and I sat down to scramble and come up with questions about a show I had never seen. Whoops! So… I scrambled even more and tracked down the first season to watch. And lordy… yes, it was what I thought- based on the title and a tiny bit of research- but it was so much more! I truly enjoyed it.

The show was “Femme Fatales” and the second season begins airing on Cinemax at the end of May. My interview/review will run on AFC soon and I’ll link to it then. But I wanted to say that I had such a great time talking to some of the people, including creator/producer Steve Kriozere, and actresses Shani Pride and Madison Dylan. (In fact, I’m trying to get Madison to be a contributor here! She’s a newly minted geek and I think that she has a lot to say about that!). Unfortunately, due to missed signals or something I missed talking to another of the actresses. But the two ladies I did speak with were awesome- I guarantee that I’ll be keeping an eye on their careers.

I won’t go into the show or my thoughts because that’s all in the AFC post- you have to wait. But I will say this- I cannot wait for another mission from the Chick. 😉

For those interested, you can follow Madison on twitter at @madisondylan and Shani Pride has a website- ShaniPride.com

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    […] too long ago, I mentioned that Action Chick herself had given me a mission to interview some of the ladies of Femme Fatales. Well, today, the interview went live over at AFC. […]

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