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NerdLush loves…

18 Apr

Last week, an old friend posted part 1 of his review of the original V Miniseries (which is STILL a favorite of mine) and I linked it here because I thought it was worth sharing. Over the weekend, he posted part 2 and I’m linking now so that you can all check it out too.

If you don’t remember watching the series when it aired or even on the re-airings on NBC and then on Sci-Fi/SyFy, or you’ve never actually seen it- check out the series. It was such an amazing piece of work. I can still remember watching with my family and then running off to recess the next day to play as the characters. And having a brief twitter convo with Jane Badler a year or so ago regarding my finding the Visitor jumpsuits in the Warner Brothers costume warehouse… honestly, that was a geek highlight of my life!

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