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NerdLush Gives!

23 Dec

One of the things I wanted to do with this site was be sure to give back- we get a lot of support from other nerds (in person or on the site) and I didn’t want to forget to pay it forward. We have a tiny store (which will grow as soon as I have time to update it) and for now all the proceeds go to charity. In the future, we might use some to pay for the site fees, but they aren’t much anyways so charity is still a huge goal of mine. Continue reading

NerdLush site announcement!

25 May

A couple of announcements! New author! New product! And a feedback form! Continue reading

Buy my stuff!!!

1 Apr

OK… for some reason I got in the mood this week to play around make merchandise. I have no idea why. But I did. So… welcome to my store. It will grow as the site does- as you can see there are only a few items and all are basically the title and subtitle of this blog. It’s all about the advertising at this point.

One thing I want to point out is this- I am not making a profit off of any of this merchandise. I will sell merchandise for two reasons: 1) to pay for the site itself (which is nominal and already paid in full for 2012) and 2) to collect funds in order to make charitable donations in the name of NerdLush and its fans.

I don’t do this site for any other reason than because it is fun; if that ever changes and I choose to change this policy, I will make an announce here and in the store FIRST. So please, if you choose to purchase a product and support this site- know that your funds will be going to a worthy cause, I’ll even post a poll on charities at some point. Thank you.

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