NerdLush Gives!

23 Dec

One of the things I wanted to do with this site was be sure to give back- we get a lot of support from other nerds (in person or on the site) and I didn’t want to forget to pay it forward. We have a tiny store (which will grow as soon as I have time to update it) and for now all the proceeds go to charity. In the future, we might use some to pay for the site fees, but they aren’t much anyways so charity is still a huge goal of mine.

We didn’t make too much this year, but it was still enough to make all of us at NerdLush and all of you fans/friends proud. I decided not to put it to a vote this year and instead took our funds and went to a local Target where I bought toys and donated to the CHP toy drive out front. It’s not a lot… but together we helped make some kids holiday brighter. Big hugs to all.

(here’s a little pic of one toy and the CHP officers manning the donation table)

NerdLush donated toys to the CHP drive

NerdLush donated toys to the CHP drive

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