Excuse me, waiter, there’s a dinosaur in my soup.

20 Jan

So, I was struck down recently with something nasty- not the Flu, but just as lacking in fun- and it left me unable to do much more than lounge around watching TV. Which of course means that I’ve been catching up on stuff I’ve missed over the years etc. Everyone remembers my recent dive into Eureka, right? Well, as is my usual thing, I’ve been hunting other projects the cast has done. If I like someone’s performance in one thing, I like to know what else they’ve done. I got into Warehouse 13, watched some fun (and not so fun) movies, etc- most of this stuff I’ll write about later- and then allowed myself to watch a new series, that hadn’t even finished airing it’s first season! Welcome to Primeval: New World


Now, in introducing this series, I have to tell you about the UK/Original version that began in 2007. I first heard about it at SDCC 2008 (my first SDCC), and there’s been a magnet on my fridge advertising it ever since- but up until a few days ago, I’d never seen it either. The premise is simple- a group of people (some scientists, some government, and some military) come together to learn about and fight the creatures that come through mysterious anomalies that apparently randomly appear around England. Well, I mean… I’ve oversimplified it for you but that’s the gist, and since I’m not focusing on this series, a gist is all you need. Moving on…

I was turned on to Primeval: New World by a comment on Niall Matter’s twitter, so I thought I’d give it a go. Eventually. But ya know… then the plague hit and suddenly eventually was now. And once again, the base of the show is that a group of scientists and animal experts, with a military liaison,  and a slightly off security guy spend their days trying to protect Canada from creatures that come through anomalies in time. Although, the difference between the two series openings is that in New World, they go hunting for the anomalies, not knowing much about them other then they are an electro-magnetic field. The team builds as they learn more about the anomalies and what needs to be done.

One important piece is that the Butterfly Effect is a common theory with this crew- what happens if you change something in the past? In this case, what happens if a specific creature from the past dies or gets trapped in the present? What if that creature is part of the link in man’s development? Kill it in the present and bam! we’re all lizard people (I think that was actually said in the first or second episode). As entertaining as having a tail that I could regrow might be, I’d rather not be a lizard person. Thus the fact is, it’s important to not change things in the past- all creatures, to the best of the teams ability, must be returned to where they came. OK, makes sense. Oh, and by the way… they actually fucked this part up in the original series. D’oh!

Oh… I really want to tell you something… gah! I hate spoilers! Nope, you won’t hear it from me.

primeval-new-world dino

I could veer off to tell you more about the plots but really, it’s a monster/creature of the week, with an underlying set of issues. And thus far, there are definite questions left with the viewer. Each episode brings out some truths and secrets, but there’s always more! Can’t wait to get all the answers!

Since I can’t/won’t recap the episodes at this time, I do want to introduce- in simplest form- the characters/cast.



Niall Matter– Evan Cross, a millionaire scientist/inventor who uses his company as an opportunity to play with his side interests- mainly that of figuring out the anomalies. He lost his wife some time ago, and has since thrown everything into his work. Just not the work that makes him money.



Sara Canning– Dylan Weir, predator control. Or at least she was until she started talking about dinosaurs. Now she is the source of info… and she seems like she’s the romantic foil or is she?



Danny Rahim– Mac Rendell, started with the company as a security officer patrolling the property. But he intrigues Evan… he’s daring and dangerous. So he gets a promotion and gets to be the muscle.  He’s got a snarky side that I quite enjoy. Plus, he’s pretty good at handling things.



Crystal Lowe– Toby Nance, while I’m still not clear how she came to be connected with Evan other than as an employee, she’s the other brains in the operation. I grasp that she’s the computer side of figuring stuff out…



Miranda Frigon– Ange Finch, manages Evan. I should say that she manages his company, and she does, but it seems her biggest job is Evan. So far, I have no clue how they hooked up- but they have a long relationship. Just friends? Perhaps… perhaps not! He does lean on her when he needs to… there’s plenty in their history, it’s just taking its sweet time to be revealed.



Geoff Gustafson– Ken Leeds, military liaison, Project Magnet. Think X-Files. Only, with way less funding and much nerdier. Oh, and he’s up to something.

Sadly, as of this writing, there is no US premiere date- though SyFy and Hulu have acquired the rights. The second half of 1st season is about to pick up in Canada and the UK just got the premiere. Personally, I can’t wait to see what SyFy partners the show up with.

Primeval cast

Here’s a question though- why is there always a bug episode in these shows? The one in New World is creepier though… the bugs are smaller and more en masse… *shudder* Was seriously concerned about nightmares after one scene. EEP!

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