Primeval Primer! Don’t let the dinosaurs get you!

7 Jun

Tomorrow night, Syfy channel has the US premiere of Primeval: New World. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited. Finally my friends can see what I saw months ago.


I pretty much wrote a primer in my original post on the show. Which I then wrapped up in the follow-up piece *cough spoilers cough*. Which also encouraged people to join the cause to save the series. By the way, as yet there has been no saving of the show- here’s hoping the Syfy channel’s run will help save the series.

So what else do you need to know?

Keep the dinosaurs employed! (art by Dee2)

Keep the dinosaurs employed! (art by Dee2)

~Dinosaurs are awesome

~Niall Matter can make the nerdy cowl sweater very sexy

~it’s important to remember that government does not mean right

~advances in technology are not always helpful when trying to keep a secret

~do not swallow or inhale

~there are too many bugs

There. Be sure to read the original post. The second one has details/spoilers. Beware.

primeval-new-world dino

Now go, watch the awesome dinosaur show, enjoy! Then tweet, email, tell your friends! Save the dinosaurs!


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