Oh! A WonderCon blog that’s all about me!

11 May

So I’ve mentioned a few times that I opted to spend a day at WonderCon 2012. For one reason, it was happening in Anaheim this year (the usual venue in SF was being retrofitted) and for another, some amazing people were to be in attendance (y’all saw my pic with James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman, right?). But I absolutely hate going to cons alone. It’s just more fun to spend the day with a friend! So I cajoled my new friend Charity into attending with me and she wrote a blog about it. Which is really just a blog about me. Which makes it doubly awesome. And thus I have to share. 🙂

PS… anyone else think Charity should write posts for NerdLush?

3 Responses to “Oh! A WonderCon blog that’s all about me!”


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    […] year, Charity, and I wear wondering WonderCon in its first year in Anaheim on this day. It was a crazy day outside- rain galore- and in- the rooms next to where we were housed a girls cheerleading […]

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    […] so I grabbed my WonderCon buddy (i.e. Charity)  and off we ran to Anaheim on a delightful Easter morning. If you remember last […]

  3. Hey LOOK! It’s another WonderCon post all about ME! (sorta) | NerdLush - April 10, 2013

    […] year, when I wandered WonderCon with Charity there ended up being a post that was all about me. Kinda. All right, not really, but I like to pretend. In the interest of tradition… here is this […]

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