Do I hear a waltz? Track 2

3 Feb

I’m back with more music talk! I don’t listen to the radio, so when I find new music it is usually something that’s been recommended to me or a band/singer that I happened upon when out to see someone else. In this post, I want to share my thoughts about the latest from a dear friend as well as some other wonderful CDs.

Drills The Drills– We Play Instruments ‘n Shit

Well… based on our recent series of posts related to our interview with Phil X, you know that I was excited to finally get ahold of this album. The most recent creation by some of my favorite guys does not disappoint.

Once again, I remind you that I have no expertise in music- I can work out the melody line on a piano, on a good day, but if you ask me about a bridge or why someone used one amp/guitar/pick/etc over another, I have no effing clue. That’s what I ask friends like Phil, or Mike Henry… so remember that what I say is just based on personal opinion.

I’ve been a fan/friend of The Drills probably since their inception. I’ve seen a lot of great shows and rocked out to a lot of amazing music. Their last release was amazing and fun. This one is more so. As a friend, I’ve had the honor of hearing these songs at different stages of their development. And it’s been awesome to see them grow. Not only because you could always see Phil and the boys’ excitement grow as each piece became complete, but also because their excitement was contagious. It’s also been a lot of fun over the years to have the vocals and harmonies come together. I loved the boys way back when… but I love what they are doing now even more.

I have a couple of favorites- “Playing Fair” and “Swatted Fly” among the top. I loved the last version of “Swatted Fly“, which was on piano and a complete departure for The Drills. Loved it. So much that I ask for it at shows. Never get it though. Meanies. The new version is much more- it’s lost the innocence of the original and instead is balls out and in your face. My other favorite is “Playing Fair”. This is one that I’ve been hearing for almost a year now and listening to it change and grow. The first time I heard it I knew I loved it. And now in it’s final version, I love it even more. Once again The Drills put everything into it- they are gonna rock your face off. But sit back… listen to the lyrics. Did they really just say that? Yes, yes they did. I chuckle every time.

Look… if you like rock and roll, you need to check out The Drills. Just do it. They will rock your socks off. Or something.

Ed Quinn– Lights Out Love Lights Out Love

Alright, this one links back to my recent love affair with Eureka. But in truth, I first saw Ed Quinn on a recent episode of Castle and learned through his IMDB page that he’s a musician as well. Took a bit, but I eventually snagged the album and have been happily enjoying it ever since.

When I heard tall dark and sexy sang and rocked too, I had to check it out. I was not expecting such dark melodies that lull you into a state of bliss before rocking you into excitement. Must see this guy live! Seriously, his voice is like black velvet over rock and roll. I almost want to say that it doesn’t work but it DOES.

I think my favorite is “Overdose”. I have this perfect visual created by the voice and lyrics and in my head… it’s quite the film happening when I hear this song. Plus I know a lot of people who fit the song… so I find that amusing. This CD plays a lot in my office at work (quietly, so as not to get me in trouble) and this song- I always get caught up listening to it, stopping work, and just letting the music wash over me. I had a client ask why I was just sitting, dancing in my seat- it’s hard to explain to a middle school kid who thinks One Direction is the end all of music that sometimes you just need to let the music in and that I was listening to a song where that was a requirement. “April Rider” also sticks with me- this is the one that has the earworm in it and has me bopping along throughout the day.

Other pieces on the album demonstrate classic influences (don’t ask me who though!) but they still catch me up in the music. Seriously… can I get a blanket made from Ed’s smooth voice? Best blanket ever. I recommend this album… I’m just not sure to who. It’s rock, but there’s a little mellowness to it. I guess you should just check it out- it’s been in my playlists since I got it and I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.

Deliciousness quota met.

(By the way- the internets failed me. There are no (at least not easily found) videos of Ed singing. I must catch a show.)

WonderlandWonderland– concept album

We know I have a love of musicals… and through my love of my fav station on Sirious, I’ve heard a few pieces from this show. While I believe they play the soundtrack album, what I picked up from Amazon recently was the concept album. Why? Because the opportunity to see the progression of the show intrigued me. Here’s the basics- Alice, as a grown up, goes through Wonderland. There’s more to it… Slightly psychodelic. Mad Hatter is a woman bent on taking over. There’s a knight who sings a boy band number and professes his love to Alice. He’s her husband… it’s not clear in the digital download if they are married before her trip to Wonderland (wherein he is a representation of her husband) or if she picks him up there and brings him home. And I’m still unclear about how her daughter works into the story… But what is important is that I loved the music!

I’m not huge on messing with perfectly good stories/songs- I mean, take the National Anthem for instance, why does everyone who sings it have to mess with it? Mostly because they can’t sing it as written. Well, then maybe they shouldn’t sing it. My opinion though. But it goes for stories too… I’m not always gonna jump to see a twisted version of a classic. Tell the story as it was meant. Or don’t tell it at all. Most of the time. But for some reason the changes here work for me. I’ve seen some of the show on youtube and it’s just fun! But again, let me say that I’ve got the concept album- I’m waiting to get the actual soundtrack album, I want to compare the two and see what changes developed over time.

The piece that got me was “One Knight” which is the romantic ballad sung by the knight to Alice. He wants to be her guy. When I first heard the song on my SiriousXM, they said that originally the song was just supposed to be that romantic ballad and it didn’t work. The creators decided to make it a boyband-esque song. And it clicked. Then they played the song and I laughed so hard I had to pull over to finish listening. I was hooked and had to hear the rest. The Mad Hatter’s self titled piece draws you in and captures the audience. Can’t wait to compare the two albums. I just love a musical that makes you want more, all while laughing and having fun- that’s my kind of show!

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