NerdLush celebrates… Alright fine, we just like parties.

1 Feb

The one year anniversary of NerdLush is coming! On March 19th, this little site will have been trucking along for a full year! And we want to celebrate! Alright, ya caught me- we just like parties.

But it’s true, we want to celebrate with our fans and friends the success of our little site. Unfortunately… March went and filled up on us before we were able to get stuff in motion! So… we’ve got our shindig scheduled for April 6th… a few weeks late, but who cares! It’s a party. Plus, this date allows us to also celebrate the spring birthdays of some of the crew. Epic party!

We’re planning a theme this time… currently debating between two ideas- both are beholden to the imagination of the guest. So help us out and vote for one in our poll!

Want to come to the party? It’s invite only but we want you there! Drop us a line at and we’ll get you the details!

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