TheatreNerds are for life!

5 Dec

The other day, Emily and I were driving through California on our way home from an adventure, listening to my favorite XM station (72, the Broadway station). I enjoy singing along or playing the guessing game (where I try and figure out what year the show/performance is from) and thankfully, Emily also enjoys the station- since I tortured her with it all weekend. šŸ˜‰

One of my favorite pieces came on- “You’re Nothing Without Me” fromĀ City of Angels-Ā and I had the brilliant thought for a revival cast. This is one of my favorite shows because it centers on two stories, reality (where Stein is a famous author whose books are being made into a movie) and fiction (where the story of the book oddly emulatesĀ thingsĀ happening in Stein’s life, but with Stone- a P.I.- as the main character and getting away with behavior that would get Stein punched).


I saw a production at my local theatre company when I was in high school. I could not have gotten up faster for the standing ovation I gave the performance. And still, today, I can picture the cast and remember the striking moments. Says a lot… I can’t remember much about the TV show I watched last night but something from almost 20 years ago still holds on to me.

So… we’d been driving and occasionally discussing strange topics when this song came on my radio. Halfway through, I had the thought that I’d love to see a Broadway revival of the show. With John Barrowman playing Stein. I’ve heard him do this song on some recording, with the equally delicious Daniel Boys, I believe. So I know that John can do a fantastic job with it. But the question becomes- who plays Stone? Has to be someone who has the presence to match Barrowman and the talent, as well as someone that can look the part of ’40’s P.I. So of course… Scott Bakula jumped into my head. Yes, we all know I adore the man (I told Em that she needs to get me Bakula for my next birthday- I’m not picky, I’ll settle for just meeting him), but think about it… he could totally play the role- and is a great fit for opposite Barrowman.

scott bakula 1 John-Barrowman-john-barrowman-32669194-395-423

So yeah, the theatre nerd I was as a kid is not something I’ll ever let go of. Especially when it comes to either the shows that I love or the ones the I despise (Grease, Sound of Music, Annie, etc). Though I do dislikeĀ Oklahoma quite a bit unless it’s the Hugh Jackman version from London. That’s fantastic. Someday, I hope to make enough that I can regularly attend shows again- being a grad student has it’s downfalls.

I know that I have some fellow theatre nerds out there… what are your favorite shows? Dream casts? Which shows do you run screaming from? Are you excited to see the new Les Miz movie? (I am!)

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