Wanted… Dead or Alive… preferably alive, though.

9 Oct

I can’t be witty when I am tired. Bear with me. Just in from a a very fun concert event and though a review from me right would suck, I do want to share some. Essentially this is the important piece you need to know- Bon Jovi puts on a damn fine show.

Love this guy!

Love this guy!

And I’m not even biased because NerdLush friend Phil X is currently playing guitar on the tour. Seriously. I knew that Phil was going to be awesome before I got there… Jon can work the house and knows what the ladies want. And the men. And the band delivers. And then some.

The moral of my story is this- even if you aren’t the #1 fan of Bon Jovi, go see the show. It’s two and half hours of fun. I mean, I grew up listening to the music but I don’t recall ever owning any albums. I didn’t know more than half the songs. Didn’t stop me from singing along! (Or from enjoying the show… or Jon’s abs.)

amazing show!

amazing show!

I did notice that I sat back and watched the hydraulic stage pieces and the awesome lighting a lot. But I blame the theatre tech in me. My friend, Melanie, said she was itching to play with the boards, too. Once a theatre nerd, always a theatre nerd.

The feather in the cap of the evening was our backstage tour- including a chance to stand on the stage, check out Jon’s backstage dressing room, see all the guitars etc, and peek behind the stage at the hydraulic risers. And the pick collection.

The only bad part of the evening was the rude women behind us. Talked through the entire show (though they left sometime during the middle of the second half) and hit me in the head at least a dozen times. Apologized once. Incredibly rude and annoying. So glad when they left.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go look up this latest album because I want to hear the couple of songs from it (and the rest) again.

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