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ARROW Season 2×04, “Crucible” recap

31 Oct


Welcome back, Arrow-heads!  So, last time we were in Starling City, Laurel had survived an attack from Hentai-man, I mean, the Dollmaker and Ollie got saved from Laurel by that mystery blonde vigilante.  Plus, the show has a legit guy with the last name of Blood running around.  And in our flashbacks, Slade is on fire…as in his face and hands are burning, while past Ollie gets locked up on what seems to be a gritty reimagining of The Love Boat.  Let’s see if the Isaac on this ship has some wonderful cocktails to serve us while I recap this episode, huh? Continue reading


31 Oct

It is that day of days… the one where scares and candy are all around us… it is a beautiful day. I’m spending it at work. Which… is less fun how I would hope to spend the day. And how about you, my lovelies? Who is getting (or is) dressed up? Who is going to a party or trick or treating? Anyone hitting a haunted house?

Sadly, this holiday season has gotten away from me… I’ve done no haunted houses. And only just started watching horror films the other night. Sigh.


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