Holidays are here again!

19 Nov

Well, last month we had Halloween- which was fabulous! And this week we have Thanksgiving- tryptophan coma, here we come! And then… Christmas! Where did 2012 go?

So… I’m wondering what your holiday traditions are? For my family, both holidays are pretty important. Thanksgiving is a huge get together and everyone participates- making something for the feast. And it’s not just about the family we’re born into… half, if not more, of the guests are family that have chosen each other. I can barely remember feasts without some of the guests.

Christmas in my house is much more full of tradition- mostly because my brother and I are unwilling to let go of some of the rules we grew up with. We’ve even made our step-family take on these rules. I could tell you… but I think you’d all run and hide from me. But let me put it to you this way… I have a small immediate family, we start opening presents after breakfast (around 1030am usually) and are frequently still going at 2 or 3pm. How long does it take you to open presents?

What do you think?

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