Twinkies may be gone, but comics go on forever

23 Nov

Sitting in my moms dining room listening to friends I haven’t seen in a decade (at least) chat on the phone to other friends, while my brother hides in his office watching Bond (other friends have just heading out to the mountains to see another eccentric friend of theirs)… welcome to the holidays. But what’s interesting is that the friend- who is like a brother since we (the kids) were raised together- uttered these words to my brother upon arrival on Wednesday evening, “you still got a comic shop round here?” This was followed by reminiscing about walking to the comic shops when the families got together.

Here’s the fun… comics have always been a part of our lives. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t wander over to the close shop (which closed about 15 years ago) or to the wannabe chain store to collect books. Of course, this friend moved to the Bay area close to 20 years ago (yes, we’re all getting old) and lost touch with comics up there because money was tight and yadda yadda, you know the reasons. So it was amusing that someone who hasn’t been a collector in quite a few years, immediately desired a trip to the local shop.

My brother and he will be off on a trek shortly.

You may recall that my brother and I attend SDCC these days, well back in the old days… he went with this friend. So of course, they’ve reminisced about the way the place has changed there. It’s quite entertaining.

Can you tell I don’t have much to say today? I just thought it was amusing. Also, I think I’m gonna take a wee holiday break… my next scheduled post is on the first, I may fill in the time between then and now but I don’t know… gonna be busy.

What do you think?

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