I’m too tired to think of a title for this random collection of nerdery.

21 Oct

The other day was our NerdLush Halloween Extravanganza. The evening ended at midnight as I turned into a pumpkin who had to be up at 6am for classes (on a Sunday). Of course, my plan for getting a few hours of sleep was derailed by the Epic Dance Party © that happened in the street from 1 to 2am (that’d be when the cops I called came to break it up and turn off the horrific club beat “music” they’d been blasting into the night). So I’m too tired to come up with a proper post.

*I feel like I should do a love-letter post to Mark Harmon (similar to last years Scott Bakula post). I was on a major marathon of his work this past summer and the urge has been gnawing at me. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of Charlie Grace and Reasonable Doubts. I have vague memories of enjoying those series. And I want to watch Presidio. Again.

*Anyone in Los Angeles area ever see the Hollywood Captain Jack riding his pirate ship bike? I saw him one time in Downtown LA and to this day it kills me because I couldn’t get a photo.

*I made Unicorn Poop recently.See? I made this!

*Who is watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? I have it DVR’ed but I’m hearing from my sources that they aren’t digging it. Is it worth my time or not?

*Bacon art is probably beautiful. But is definitely a waste of bacon.

*I just heard the Trek communicator sound. And no, Charity is not visiting.

*Who would win in a fight? Elphaba or Regina?





*Undercover Boss is as evil as Extreme Home Makeover.

*I’ve never used the Pythagorean Theorem in my adult life.

*I know there isn’t a damn thing real in it, but you won’t stop me from having at least one Shamrock Shake next spring.

Jane Badler rules

Jane Badler rules

*Someday I want to write a post on the awesomeness of Jane Badler and why one of my first heroes was a villain.

*Anyone want to have a game night? I want to plug in my VCR and play ATMOSFEAR.

*Does anyone really like that awful “club music”? It’s just horrific. I can’t be around it for more than a minute without getting a headache.

*Which videogame have you played most often in which you killed a character voiced by Yuri Lowenthal?

*I own Jersey Girl. But I don’t think I’ve seen it other than the one time I saw it for free in the theater.

*Once you’ve seen the bear in a cat’s paw, you can’t unsee it.

*Has Mythbusters ever done a MacGyver episode?

*I recently acquired the Nick Fury TV movie with David Hasselhoff.

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