My S.H.I.E.L.D. Blacklist is Almost Hollow — Mid-Season TV Reviews

4 Dec

Stewart here…

Now that most of the new shows on television are going off on vacation until next year, I thought I’d spend some time talking about some of the new shows currently in my TV viewing schedule, and some opinions along with it:

Agents of SHIELD —  For a show that’s got a lot of masters to keep sated, its hard not to ignore the first few shows were fine, but not spectacular.  But, after the whole “secret agent with the eye problem” episode, the show has been improving as a pleasant diversion.  If there’s one thing I hope we get answered, say, yesterday, is the whole Tahiti thing with Coulson.  Seriously, an answer would be great about now.

"Yeah I know, May, I really should figure out this whole 'Tahiti' stuff a bit faster.  Thanks for the pep talk."

“Yeah I know, May, I really should figure out this whole ‘Tahiti’ stuff a bit faster. Thanks for the pep talk.”

Almost Human —  The one thing that I can say undoubtedly works is the trio of Kennex, Dorian, and Rudy.  The female leads could use some beefening up, and maybe (and I can’t believe I might be suggesting this) more serialized stuff.  Otherwise, its still early enough for some under the hood work.  See what I did there?  Applying a car analogy to a show about machines?  Never mind.

The Blacklist —  I once suggested that I’m not sure if this show is clever at being stupid or stupid at being clever.  After getting to the two part midseason finale, I’m still not entirely sure.  Oh there was great stuff in it, like James Spader being all kinds of badass, but that can only carry you so far (just look at season eight of The Office for evidence of that).  Even after introducing Alan Alda as the boss of some World Crime League or something, there’s still some stuff that can get improved for the rest of this (and a recently announced, second) season.  Like, perky FBI girl’s husband being really shady and probably Red being her dad.  Let’s just get those things taken care of now, please.

He's laughing at me watching this show, isn't he?  I just know it.

He’s laughing at me watching this show, isn’t he? I just know it.

Sleepy Hollow —  Look, this should be more a trainwreck than an actual show, but somehow its probably the most enjoyable new show I’ve seen this fall.  Its hard not to have a look on your face of “seriously?” when hearing lines about George Washington’s Bible and the headless horseman being one of THE Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but it somehow is working.  And with guest appearances from John Cho (who I call in this show Zombie Sulu) and John Noble (the wonderful Walter Bishop of Fringe), I like the mythology that’s getting built up and with another season already locked, some more batstink weirdness.

"Icahbod, you'll find your answers in (insert American revolutionary figure's obscure and probably nonexistent possession here)!"

“Ichabod, you’ll find your answers in (insert American revolutionary figure’s obscure and probably nonexistent possession here)!”

So, with that I ask, what new show this fall has been delivering the goods for you?  What one hasn’t, if any?  Also, where can Ichabod find helpful info from which other American revolutionary icon?  I got “John Adams’ Hairpiece”.  You?  Talk below…

2 Responses to “My S.H.I.E.L.D. Blacklist is Almost Hollow — Mid-Season TV Reviews”

  1. Valerie Noble December 4, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    I am digging all the shows mentioned in this article! LOL We do not let more than a couple of days go by before watching that week’s ep. I am very surprised by how much I am enjoying The Blacklist! James Spader is pretty much rockin’ it. 🙂 And I just want more of Almost Human because I am a BIG Karl Urban fan. Sleepy Hollow is like a little Halloween story every week and I love it even though it can be so ridiculous. As for Agents of SHIELD, I think Clark Gregg is the reason I keep watching. He is the clue and the lure for me otherwise I feel like they really need to step it up with the plot. And yet, I keep watching. LOL

    • stewartmoncure December 11, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

      Its going to be weird seeing what will happen in January when SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow come back. The former left a cliffhanger, and the latter has about three more episodes this season.

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