Feisty Uber Fans still scare me

2 Dec

Last year… or maybe it was earlier this year?- whatever. PreviouslyI have written about uber fans and how they frighten me because of their obsession with their fandom. Well… I’ve found another group that make fans look bad.

Those who constantly request (read- BEG) celebs to follow them.

fansI’ve known this was happening since social networking on Facebook and Twitter became an easy method for celebs to connect directly with their fans. However, it was easy to ignore. I follow several celebrities- either I’m interested in their projects, they are entertaining, I like the links/pictures/jokes they post, or some combination of the above. Several follow me back. Which is cool. But I didn’t ask them to. This means that I interested them in some way- which is, in my opinion, how we should connect with people via social media.

But once I started following some people on Instagram, it became hard to avoid and ignore people constantly begging for their celeb idols to follow them. It truly confuses me because they’ve done nothing to entice those follows but act like idiots begging and demanding, even, for follows. How does someone think this is an appropriate method of approaching someone?

It’s like the people who tweet people in order to get them to wish them a happy birthday or RT something. Look, I admit to having a running joke for my birthday- getting my friends to spread around that it’s my birthday and seeing who says something. But if people don’t say something, it doesn’t matter. It seems like those people who beg almost get (or many not almost) angry if they are ignored. But why should someone pay attention?

I know… this is a random post but as I check in to all my (and the site’s) social networking, I keep seeing this and it baffles me. I really don’t understand why someone would make this type of post because it seems like if you just act like yourself and present people with a reason to follow- they do. Begging and pestering someone is much more of a turn-off then it would ever be a turn-on.

Just my two cents. I’d like to hear other opinions…

3 Responses to “Feisty Uber Fans still scare me”

  1. Valerie Noble December 2, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    I’ve seen those kinds of fans too. I admit, I might say to my fave, “Hey so-and-so, it’s my bday!” but I think I’ve only done that once. And yes, I’ve “wondered” aloud how to get a follow from someone, but it’s all in jest! LOL! But the ones who constantly BEG for attention just seem a little sad and a little pathetic. And when they get ANGRY, it just makes them so much sadder. Just my 2 cents. 😉

    • elizabeth ann December 2, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

      Yeah, I think asking once for a birthday hello is fine. But that constant begging and the anger… Not cool.


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