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I spent some time Inside of You

29 Aug

So… I am not a fan of podcasts. I know. You are wondering how that could be. But honestly, it’s the talking heads things… it bores me. Doesn’t matter the topic. It’s why I have trouble listening to talk radio/NPR. I need to be doing something. When I was forced to listen to audio recordings while studying, I did so while gardening (pulling weeds) or going for walks. Something. And yes, I know there are a lot of podcasts that you can watch on youtube etc, but it’s still boring. If I’m gonna watch something, I want it to be actiony or funny, or colorful or something! I can’t even stand watching talk shows anymore. Puts me right to sleep.

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What I Watched/Listened To On My Summer Vacation

31 Aug

Stewart here…

Summer used to be a great time to catch up on things I missed in the fall and spring, and while I can still do that to a certain extent, the summer has been doling out quality stuff on its own. So here’s a brief list of some things you might want to get on the bus for that I did this summer: Continue reading

Podcasts Worth Checking Out, Part 2

10 Mar

Stewart here…

It’s been a while since I wrote about some of my favorite podcasts, and just to fan the flames of discussion, here’s some more entries in that list that might warrant your attention… Continue reading

For Your Earholes Only — Podcasts Worth Checking Out

26 May

Stewart here…

I don’t know if this is telling of my age, but commercial radio is just uninteresting to me these days.  On the other hand, I discover new music (and relisten to old music) via the Internet.  As a result of my Internet searches, I discovered podcasts about six years ago.  For you not in the know, podcasts are pretty much audio programs on a particular subject, often with hosts who are fans or as become the case recently, with noteworthy Hollywood talent behind them. Continue reading

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