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Legends of Tomorrow, “The Magnificent Eight” recap

18 Apr


Howdy, pardners! Last we left our gang, they was handling getting bushwhacked by one of their own, and tried to, ahem, what’s this word? “Re-hay-bill-lie-tate” him. Dang big words. Anyway, they gots problems besides that, like them pesky Time Masters sending hunters from the future to hunt them down. Those Time Masters are as pesky as ticks on a horse’s ass, ain’t they?

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Is there a war on Westerns?

14 Feb

When was the last time Hollywood made a good Western? The early 90s with Unforgiven, probably. Though the two Earp movies from that time period were good too. But it’s like Hollywood lost the ability to create a Western. Which is sort of insane considering that the genre exists because Hollywood was the master of the Western for generations.


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