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Legends of Tomorrow, “Legendary” recap

2 Jun


Welcome back! It’s season finale time, and the team has had to contend with some major reveals, like how they’ve been manipulated by the Time Masters to help Vandal Savage secure a place of power on Earth. That manipulation was to stop an alien invasion in the future, but it also went further, into Rip’s superiors ordering the death of his family! To stick it to the Time Dicks, Snart sacrifices himself to destroy their ability to look into the timeline. That still leaves Kendra and Carter prisoner of Savage, on board his own timeship. So how will this season finale go down? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Destiny” recap

22 May


Welcome back! While we seem to have gotten Carter back, we also dropped off Vandal Savage to the Time Masters, who we have discovered are aligned in Savage’s plan for world domination! Also, the team has been detained by the Time Masters, minus a missing Snart and Sara. Rip is also locked away, and Savage lets his adversary know he has to go to a long awaited appointment to kill Rip’s family! So yeah, everyone’s boned…except Jax, who got sent back to 2016 to cure his time rapid aging problem. Where did he end up, anyway? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “River of Time” recap

21 May


Welcome back! Last time, the team finally got Vandal Savage where they wanted him, but had to take him prisoner when they made a startling discovery. Their teammate, Carter, has been reincarnated and turned into a brainwashed drone of Savage, and only Savage can cure him! So how can they get Savage to cure Carter, while dealing with the whole threat of Time Masters still breathing down their backs? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Leviathan” recap

16 May


Welcome back! With the Time Masters’ attempts to stop Rip and his team of heroes reaching dangerous levels, the team is left with no option but to face Vandal Savage in the time where he has the most power: the year 2166. Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Last Refuge” recap

15 May


Welcome back! So the mission to stop Vandal Savage is running into some delays thanks to those pesky Time Masters. They sent a band of bounty hunters to kill them, and instead, they got themselves killed. And now, the newest plan to stop our heroes is by sending an assassin to kill them all…as their younger selves! So how do they stop a killer that can strike them anytime in their past? As you’ll discover, not as complicated a task as you may think… Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “The Magnificent Eight” recap

18 Apr


Howdy, pardners! Last we left our gang, they was handling getting bushwhacked by one of their own, and tried to, ahem, what’s this word? “Re-hay-bill-lie-tate” him. Dang big words. Anyway, they gots problems besides that, like them pesky Time Masters sending hunters from the future to hunt them down. Those Time Masters are as pesky as ticks on a horse’s ass, ain’t they?

Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Progeny” recap

11 Apr


Welcome back! A lot of things came together last episode, and not just Ray and Kendra. The big reveal was that Chronos was the believed dead Heatwave, which explains that obsessive need of the time traveling bounty hunter to kill his former teammates! But now that he’s been locked up on the Waverider, can they reform this maniac made worse by the Time Masters? And what about the team planning to head into 2147 to stop Vandal Savage’s takeover of Earth?

Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Left Behind” recap

1 Apr


Welcome back! The team barely had time to deal with putting Rory/Heatwave on ice before launching into a mission in 1958. As they are about to leave to follow another lead on Vandal Savage, our ol’ party crasher Chronos shows up, and the Waverider takes off, leaving Ray, Sara, and Kendra behind. But hey, they got a timeship, so no need to wait long for the rest of the team to pick them up, right? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Night of the Hawk” recap

11 Mar


Welcome back! Our heroes had to pull themselves out of a fix in deep space with time pirates, made worse by ol’ Heatwave turning on them. This left the team in a dilemma: what to do with him since imprisonment or dumping him back in 2016 would be problematic. The solution was Cold putting his former partner on ice! Was it a permanent freeze Rory was put in? Plus, Ray and Kendra might be an item, so, thanks for that? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Marooned” recap

4 Mar


Welcome back! When we last left the team, they took a unscheduled stop in 2046 Star City, and it was not a pleasant place to visit. But Heatwave felt right at home, which made Cold knocking him out and taking him back onto the mission to stop Vandal Savage a particularly nasty wedge between the thieves. So, how is that going to bear out for the team as they continue their mission? Continue reading

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