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Legends of Tomorrow, “Legendary” recap

2 Jun


Welcome back! It’s season finale time, and the team has had to contend with some major reveals, like how they’ve been manipulated by the Time Masters to help Vandal Savage secure a place of power on Earth. That manipulation was to stop an alien invasion in the future, but it also went further, into Rip’s superiors ordering the death of his family! To stick it to the Time Dicks, Snart sacrifices himself to destroy their ability to look into the timeline. That still leaves Kendra and Carter prisoner of Savage, on board his own timeship. So how will this season finale go down? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Destiny” recap

22 May


Welcome back! While we seem to have gotten Carter back, we also dropped off Vandal Savage to the Time Masters, who we have discovered are aligned in Savage’s plan for world domination! Also, the team has been detained by the Time Masters, minus a missing Snart and Sara. Rip is also locked away, and Savage lets his adversary know he has to go to a long awaited appointment to kill Rip’s family! So yeah, everyone’s boned…except Jax, who got sent back to 2016 to cure his time rapid aging problem. Where did he end up, anyway? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “River of Time” recap

21 May


Welcome back! Last time, the team finally got Vandal Savage where they wanted him, but had to take him prisoner when they made a startling discovery. Their teammate, Carter, has been reincarnated and turned into a brainwashed drone of Savage, and only Savage can cure him! So how can they get Savage to cure Carter, while dealing with the whole threat of Time Masters still breathing down their backs? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Leviathan” recap

16 May


Welcome back! With the Time Masters’ attempts to stop Rip and his team of heroes reaching dangerous levels, the team is left with no option but to face Vandal Savage in the time where he has the most power: the year 2166. Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Star City 2046” recap

26 Feb


Welcome back! So the last time we left our heroes, the Waverider was flying through the timestream when Chronos attacked. They escaped, but thanks to damage to the ship, they put down in a somewhat familiar place: Star City. Except the burned out hellscape they have landed on is Star City in 2046! Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Fail-Safe” recap

19 Feb


Welcome back! The pursuit of Vandal Savage takes our heroes to 1986 Russia, where they discover Savage is trying to create his own Firestorm project! Things go from bad to worse as Stein, Atom, and Heatwave are captured, then dropped in an inescapable Russian gulag by Savage to finish the Russian Firestorm experiment. Can the rest of the team stop this experiment and save their teammates? Probably, but let’s see how… Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “White Knights” recap

12 Feb


Hello again! So the team has had its share of problems on its mission to stop Vandal Savage from taking over future Earth. One has been saving Kendra after her wounding at the hands of Savage, another is that Sara is not completely clear of that nasty urge to kill people after being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. But that aside, the team is about to follow their next lead on Savage into the 1980’s! So dust off your 80’s mix tapes, people! Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Blood Ties” recap

5 Feb


Welcome back! So you already know the gist: rogue Time Master Rip Hunter has enlisted a team of your favorite supporting players from Arrow and The Flash to stop an immortal madman called Vandal Savage. Well, their first big encounter with Savage ended badly, with Carter (Hawkman) getting killed and Kendra (Hawkgirl) being seriously injured. Oh, and they are currently unable to leave 1975 due to damage to the Waverider time ship. Well, what to do? Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Pilot, Part 2” recap

29 Jan


Welcome back! So in the first half of this first episode, rogue Time Master Rip Hunter recruited a group of heroes and villains (White Canary, Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, and Heatwave) to join him on a mission to stop super bad guy Vandal Savage before he takes over the world. What he neglects to tell them is that this mission isn’t authorized by his superiors, and they were picked because if they died, they wouldn’t radically affect the timeline. Well, after hearing that, they are determined to use this mission to make themselves…legends! Duh duh de duh! Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Pilot, Part 1” recap

23 Jan


So, welcome to the recap of the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow! What do you need to know? Um, well if you’ve been watching Arrow and The Flash regularly, chances are you noticed this season the attention on several characters not necessarily part of the core groups of both shows. Really, I could explain it all, but we still got a lot of story here to cover, so let’s jump into it, okay? Continue reading

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