Legends of Tomorrow, “Leviathan” recap

16 May


Welcome back! With the Time Masters’ attempts to stop Rip and his team of heroes reaching dangerous levels, the team is left with no option but to face Vandal Savage in the time where he has the most power: the year 2166.

2166. The Waverider pops up in London, and almost immediately, comes under a lot of flack in the air. Savage has taken over most of the world, and they have arrived three days before Rip’s family is slated to be killed. They set down outside the city, and make their plan: nab Savage while he’s holding a big rally for his army. So Rip recruits Snart, Sara, and Rory, gets them all some Savage Army gear, and go to the rally, where Savage is giving a speech, alongside a younger woman.

The quartet follow Savage and his guards after the rally, and fake a little accident to catch their quarry off guard. They all fight, and while this is going on, Kendra is watching some surveillance footage and notices a familiar bracelet on Savage’s blonde lady counterpart. Sara just happens to be fighting the very skilled woman at the moment and Kendra asks her to snatch up the bracelet, which she’s unable to do. The team is unable to catch Savage, so they all make a hasty retreat. Back at the Waverider, Kendra lets the team know what that bracelet she saw is: one of the items she died with before she got that eternal curse of reincarnation, so that may be able to used to kill Savage. While they figure out how to get the thing, Rip wants to get in touch with the local resistance forces for some help.


DRUMPF 2016!

Resistance. Rip, Ray, Stein, and Jax head to the encampment of the resistance against Savage, and after a brief tense introduction, wander in to a tent camp of soldiers, and civilians. While there, Ray asks Rip why he just hasn’t snatched up his wife and kid from this timeline, and it seems every time he’s tried, they still ended up dead. While Stein and Jax go to grab some supplies from the Waverider for the starving families there, the other two end up following the resistance to another encampment further out of town that has gone silent, and find there are no survivors. Something laid waste to this outpost very quickly, but what? That’s for Ray and Stein to figure out.

Charm Bracelet. Thanks to the team’s failed attempt on Savage, he’s holed up in a heavily protected bunker. They need to still figure out how to use that bracelet against Savage, so Kendra goes back into all of Dr. Boardman’s notes for some clues. What she gets is a flashback to sometime in 1941 when Carter was practicing with a mace and giving her a few lessons, which gives her an idea. In the meantime, Snart and Rory catch Savage’s blonde compatriot off guard and takes her hostage back to the Waverider.

When Rip finds out about this, he hears why Snart took her, and its that she knows them, which is why their last attempt on Savage failed. They think she’s some lieutenant of Savage, but then she reveals she is Cassandra…Savage! She’s Vandal Savage’s daughter!


Is the only lesson Vandal Savage learned from this team is to get a blonde lady badass of his own?

Savage Daughter. With that reveal they have Vandal Savage’s daughter, they may have a way into his defenses if they can turn her to their side. Snart takes up that challenge, and starts hearing how she grew up without a mom thanks to the Armageddon virus, and its clear she doesn’t know who released it. Rory has his own job, helping melt down that bracelet for Kendra to pour over Carter’s mace. He asks if she’s ready to take him out, and she says she is.

Around all of this, Ray and Stein’s research into the destroyed outpost reveals a weird discovery in footprints. GIANT FOOTPRINTS. The two feel a ever increasing tremor coming, and decide to get the resistance camp moved into the Waverider for safety. Rip’s none cool with this as usual, but once the refugees are onboard, the ship takes off. As they do, they see a GIANT FREAKING ROBOT in front of them. The ship gets grabbed by the robot, and gets flung violently across the air and crashes a long distance away. Once again, A GIANT ROBOT.

Crushing Ants. Everyone on the ship is dazed from being turned into a giant robot frisbee, and Stein has been stabbed with some shrapnel, taking him out of play for a while. Even worse news is that robot is coming to finish them off and will be there in under an hour. Snart takes this time to try and convince Cassie that her dad is attacking innocent people by showing her the refugees. Then he drops the bombshell footage that proves Savage unleashed the virus that killed her mother. It looks that might have been the closer for Snart’s plan, and that it worked, because she’ll help get the team into Savage’s bunker. But what about the giant robot coming to kill them all?


Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2166 certainly ramps it up a few notches. Or stories, in this case.

Atom Smasher. Ray has an idea: if he can shrink himself, then maybe with the right amount of power, he can do the opposite. With Jax’s help, Ray is able to make him and his ATOM suit big enough to fight the Leviathan robot. Suffice to say, it’s a pretty BIG fight, and with some fight coach advice from Jax, Ray takes the robot out. Better to see it than recap it, but it was awesome.

At Savage’s bunker, Cassie comes in and after a brief chat, he figures out he’s been betrayed by her. The rest of the team comes out and fights Savage’s soldiers while Kendra gets Savage alone in a room and starts using that mace on him. And it seems to be effective against him, but just before she can give the killing blow, she’s distracted by some helmeted soldier. She knocks him off, and the helmet comes off to reveal…Carter!

Savage then tells her that he found the reincarnated Carter early enough that he could brainwash him into being his servant, and he’s the only one that can cure him. Well, they can’t kill him now, can they? They probably should, but they take him and Carter away.

Reincarnation. At the resistance camp, Cassie pledges to help fight Savage’s army, which, fine. The team returns, but Ray has no clue what has happened, and has to get the bad news from Kendra. Oh, and Stein is awake, so he gets to hear what’s going on from Rip.

And Savage? Well, he’s in their holding cell, and seems pleased with this. Rip asks why, and its because Savage knows he’s failed to kill him as he really should. Does this mean Savage won’t be able to kill his family, though? Savage only says, “Time will tell”. That’s not foreshadowing at all, right?

–Comic book connections: Cassandra Savage is not in the comics, but, Vandal Savage does have a daughter that does pop up in the DCU.

–Iowa City, 1941.

–The Olympics of Murder: maybe that exists in 2166, you never know.

–As great as that giant Atom/Leviathan fight is, Ray in certain face shots has the look of the humans in a late 90’s Pixar animated film.

–Of course Rory is happy to burn stuff when asked.

–“Sshhh. I’m trying to listen to this guy.”

–“All right, I won’t tell you that.”

–“I guess every lid has a pot.”

–“Hello, Cassie. Can I call you Cassie?”

That’s it for now, but comment below and come back next time for the recap of “River of Time”…

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