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ARROW Season 4×19, “Canary Cry” recap

28 Apr


Welcome back, Arrowheads! If you haven’t heard the news yet, best to sit down for this headline: Laurel Lance is dead. I know what you’re asking, and it might be “Is she dead?” or “Is she really dead?”. Seems like “really dead” is the current answer right now. After discovering Diggle’s brother Andy is a straight up traitor and with Darhk killing Laurel, this has been a bad week for Team Arrow. And what about Quentin, who now has to bury another daughter? Let’s just get to it… Continue reading

It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie, Baby bye bye bye

25 Apr

It’s true that I am an Olicity diehard. But this post has nothing to do with that- absolutely nothing to do with Oliver and Felicity. Today I want to write about the *spoiler* death of Laurel Lance and why I giddily danced around my livingroom when this happened recently on Arrow. Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “The Magnificent Eight” recap

18 Apr


Howdy, pardners! Last we left our gang, they was handling getting bushwhacked by one of their own, and tried to, ahem, what’s this word? “Re-hay-bill-lie-tate” him. Dang big words. Anyway, they gots problems besides that, like them pesky Time Masters sending hunters from the future to hunt them down. Those Time Masters are as pesky as ticks on a horse’s ass, ain’t they?

Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Progeny” recap

11 Apr


Welcome back! A lot of things came together last episode, and not just Ray and Kendra. The big reveal was that Chronos was the believed dead Heatwave, which explains that obsessive need of the time traveling bounty hunter to kill his former teammates! But now that he’s been locked up on the Waverider, can they reform this maniac made worse by the Time Masters? And what about the team planning to head into 2147 to stop Vandal Savage’s takeover of Earth?

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ARROW Season 4×18, “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” recap

7 Apr


Welcome back, Arrowheads! So Damien Darhk is currently awaiting trial in Iron Heights Prison, but is getting help from ol’ Malcolm, through a little ace in the hole Darhk has been keeping up his sleeve…Diggle’s brother! The supposedly reformed brother of John looks like a secret bad guy, or is he? Also, are we ever going to find out who Ollie has buried in that flash-forward? And will anyone get around to needing up security in Arrow HQ? Continue reading

Save yourself and avoid Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

3 Apr

To start- you need to understand that this post is MY opinion and that if you differ from it, that’s A-OK because we are two different people. Also, I will not be holding back regarding what I’m going to discuss- so assume spoilers will be presented.

Now to the topic at hand- I have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


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Legends of Tomorrow, “Left Behind” recap

1 Apr


Welcome back! The team barely had time to deal with putting Rory/Heatwave on ice before launching into a mission in 1958. As they are about to leave to follow another lead on Vandal Savage, our ol’ party crasher Chronos shows up, and the Waverider takes off, leaving Ray, Sara, and Kendra behind. But hey, they got a timeship, so no need to wait long for the rest of the team to pick them up, right? Continue reading

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