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ARROW Season 4×17, “Beacon of Hope” recap

31 Mar


Welcome back, Arrowheads! So Felicity has broken up with Ollie, only to go to another level by leaving Team Arrow. Damien Darhk is looking at a trial, so how’s that going to go for HIVE’s big “Genesis” plan? And have you lost interest in the flashbacks this season like I have? Suppose we should get that out of the way…

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ARROW Season 4×16, “Broken Hearts” recap

24 Mar


Welcome back from the break, Arrowheads! So when we last left everyone, Damien Darhk lost his mystical statue thing and got arrested. And then, Felicity decides to call off the engagement to Ollie, because, trust issues. Mind you, less agrecious trust issues than what Felicity has dealt with, but still, trust issues. Oh, and she can walk again, so, symbolism there. So let’s get to things…

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Here comes… DAREDEVIL, the 2nd Season Review Without Fear!

19 Mar


Stewart here…

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Hate to keep harping on this but… Come on people! Girls like cool toys, too!

14 Mar

It wasn’t that long ago that we, and many more, were protesting the lack of Rey in the new Star Wars toys. Then I was excited to hear about the new toy line from DC for Superhero Girls. Finally, some toys aimed at girls to encourage play, imagine, and that they are just as awesome as the little boys who’ve always had those toys.

Well, I was wandering Target the other day and I found the toys. On an end cap in the back and tucked a little into the end of an aisle… Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Night of the Hawk” recap

11 Mar


Welcome back! Our heroes had to pull themselves out of a fix in deep space with time pirates, made worse by ol’ Heatwave turning on them. This left the team in a dilemma: what to do with him since imprisonment or dumping him back in 2016 would be problematic. The solution was Cold putting his former partner on ice! Was it a permanent freeze Rory was put in? Plus, Ray and Kendra might be an item, so, thanks for that? Continue reading

Midseason Thoughts on Season 3 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

9 Mar


Stewart here…

Fair warning, SPOILERS for the season so far…

Okay, walking into the midseason return of Agents of SHIELD, there were some big expectations after what went down in the first half of the season. So how did it fare? Well, how about we discuss the big points of the season and see where we are with them in this week’s new episode?

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Legends of Tomorrow, “Marooned” recap

4 Mar


Welcome back! When we last left the team, they took a unscheduled stop in 2046 Star City, and it was not a pleasant place to visit. But Heatwave felt right at home, which made Cold knocking him out and taking him back onto the mission to stop Vandal Savage a particularly nasty wedge between the thieves. So, how is that going to bear out for the team as they continue their mission? Continue reading

Thoughts on Season 2 of Marvel’s AGENT CARTER!

2 Mar


Stewart here…

WARNING: SPOILERS within… Continue reading

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