Hate to keep harping on this but… Come on people! Girls like cool toys, too!

14 Mar

It wasn’t that long ago that we, and many more, were protesting the lack of Rey in the new Star Wars toys. Then I was excited to hear about the new toy line from DC for Superhero Girls. Finally, some toys aimed at girls to encourage play, imagine, and that they are just as awesome as the little boys who’ve always had those toys.

Well, I was wandering Target the other day and I found the toys. On an end cap in the back and tucked a little into the end of an aisle…

Basically, they seemed like they’d been shoved shamefully in the back.

They had been gone through and there weren’t too many left. Which pleases me. But as I went through the selection, I got pissed off. I’m going to focus on the “action figures”.

I found the figures for “Wonder Woman”, “Batgirl”, and “Supergirl”. They are marked for ages 6 and up- which is fine, whatever. Parents will give the kids to younger kids if they feel like it. What got me angry was the bonus pieces the figures came with… for instance, the package for “Supergirl” proudly proclaims “with a cape!”; “Batgirl” comes with a “backpack!”; and “Wonder Woman” has a “magic lasso of truth!” These are all basic pieces I would expect with those characters… and I’m not excited about them, so really, toy manufacturers, stop being excited about them- I mean, “Supergirl” without a cape is just a blonde in a short skirt.

I can deal with the cruddy look to the characters. It is the style of the cartoon, I guess. I can even deal with the fact that all the other toys I found were sort of shoddy looking (I found costume play pieces and larger dolls, but nothing that was of interest).

I have several nieces now and I desperately want them to have options in their toys- characters and toy lines that inspire them.

Later, while at a different store, I took a look for their selection- they didn’t have one. But I did find the new toys for the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have no desire to see this film since it just looks awful, and Man of Steel was not a “Superman” film… but I still wanted to check out the toys. 937 different toys of Sups and Bats (alright, I’m exaggerating… but not by much!) and I finally found a single WW figure. One. She was amongst the toys traditionally marketed to boys.

She’s marked as appropriate for children 3 and up (again, whatever… parents will do what they want, even if they shouldn’t). And she comes with a shield and sword. I don’t care that she has weapons, but I do appreciate that the toy people didn’t try and make it seem special that she was a girl or had something ridiculous like a cape.

Also… she looks like a cool toy!

Anyways, I have both of the WW toys… but I am not impressed by the line of SuperHero Girls toys. Not at all. So even though I want to like them and have all of them, I likely won’t get any more of the toys.

IMG_20160313_105020673 IMG_20160313_104810853

I’m very interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this…

(additional information collected by researcher, Barbara)

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