It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie, Baby bye bye bye

25 Apr

It’s true that I am an Olicity diehard. But this post has nothing to do with that- absolutely nothing to do with Oliver and Felicity. Today I want to write about the *spoiler* death of Laurel Lance and why I giddily danced around my livingroom when this happened recently on Arrow.


I know- so many people were deeply broken up about this. Heck, our Stewart was disappointed in my reaction! (Which, really? I mean, it’s no secret that I haven’t been a fan) First off- I have nothing against the actress (I’m sure Katie Cassidy is lovely) but holy moly, I did a happy dance when Laurel Lance kicked the bucket.

Now now, don’t jump on me, let me explain. And remember- this is strictly about the character of Laurel Lance.

Over four seasons, my disconnect from the character has only increased. In season one, I actually kind of liked Laurel. Especially while she was in the relationship with Tommy Merlyn. Man, I loved that couple! But season two Laurel made some semi-realistic decisions, followed by ridiculously unrealistic situations and BOOM! All investment I had in the character was done. Season three Laurel became a caricature of herself and I felt- a joke. Season four tried to redeem her for me, but then did some absolutely ridiculous moves as well… but it’s ok, because she’s dead now.

My one upset over all the things related to my dislike of the character is that I ADORE Quentin Lance. Paul Blackthorne created a character in that first episode who has traveled a grand arc over the four years. Emotionally, when Lance breaks, I collapse on the floor bawling.

So let’s breakdown some of my issues-

  • Initially, Laurel was presented as a strong woman- did you see kick ass in the pilot?- but she then becomes whiny about Oliver until Tommy steps in and pushes their relationship out of the shadows

laurel tommy

  • Season two- grief.
    • Initially presented her grief very well- the loss and guilt over Tommy caused her to slip into addiction and anger towards “The Arrow”
    • I actually really liked her initial grief presentation. While it made me sad she was angry at the “Arrow”, she slipped out of it too quick- with no resolution.
    • Laurel_drinkingSubstance abuse does not work the way they resolved it- especially with what she had an addiction to- alcohol and pills. Where’s the physiological consequences? She goes to one meeting and was suddenly cured! (Yes, there’s the occasional throw away line once in a blue moon. But as someone who works with addicts… I was disappointed)(and still am)

laurel blame gif

  • Sisterly love
    • I don’t care how pissed I might be at my sister for sleeping with my boyfriend, if she shows up not dead I’m glomping that bitch and never letting go.
      • especially considering the number of times Laurel made statements about how she loved her sister.
      • yes, she was grieving Tommy but still… dead sister at the door equals Bear Hug of Foreverness.
    • Laurel is a better big sister to Thea. Even though Thea murdered her sister…
    • She’s dead again
      • As much as it would be amazing to being someone we’ve lost back from the dead, the reality is never a good thing.
        • look at what Dawn almost did with Joyce back on Buffy.
      • sar dead gif
        • apparently Laurel’s never seen a zombie movie…
  • Logic is not Laurel’s strong suit
    • laurel boxingshe wants to step up and be the “Black Canary”… ok, sure, but a few weeks boxing training (even with daddy having taught basic self-defense) does not a vigilante make…
      • the best fight scene is against Malcolm Merlyn where he basically bitch slaps her down
    • blackmailing your boss into rehiring you is a crime (often a serious felony, in fact). Probably not something a member of the DA’s office wants any connection to.
  • “I know I’m not the love of your life, but you’re mine”
    • I call bullshit! What about Tommy? How can you bitch and moan about someone for YEARS and then suddenly he means nothing?
    • This is the thing that destroyed any possibility of me weeping over Laurel’s death. FYI.

So no, I didn’t mourn the death of Laurel. And I look forward to seeing where the show goes without her…

Alright- commence arguing with me. I expect that no one shares my opinion (or at least very few, based on the social media comments I’ve seen) and therefore people will hate me for this post. But… remember, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it, even if you do not agree with me.

What do you think?

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