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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 3 recap!

26 Jun


Stewart here…

Thanks to Netflix posting this early, I was able to rewatch the most recent season of Agents of SHIELD. On the whole, this show has been gradually improving from season to season, and season three was no exception. But I thought I’d just bring up some big points that stuck with me in my rewatch. Expect snarkiness and lots of SPOILERS to follow: Continue reading

Television Graveyard, plot 15~ John Doe

19 Jun

One of the great things about having so many streaming services or easy to access DVDs these days is that when one is watching something and gets inspired to see more that an actor has done… it’s pretty easy to do. In the case of this post, I was watching the Legends of Tomorrow repeat last week and was reminded that before Prison Break, Dominic Purcell had another TV show on FOX, John Doe.

john doe title card

Continue reading

Ghost In The Machine — a PERSON OF INTEREST primer

15 Jun


Stewart here…


A bit of setup: just on a brief splurge a few years back, I picked up the the first season of Person of Interest on DVD. I had heard about it, but being on CBS, a network I rarely if at all watched (and being one of the only shows without a NCIS, CSI, or Criminal Minds in the title), I had serious reservations. What surprised me was the rather high concept procedural-esque setup was one that evolved over that first season and the seasons afterwards. It reminded me of what happened to another TV show that was produced by J.J. Abrams, Fringe, in that its concept evolved into a more complex, subversive, and morally gray story. Some of that comes from the show’s creator, Jonathan Nolan (brother of big time director Christopher Nolan), who is bringing some big ideas about current and future technology into play in an network action drama. Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow, “Legendary” recap

2 Jun


Welcome back! It’s season finale time, and the team has had to contend with some major reveals, like how they’ve been manipulated by the Time Masters to help Vandal Savage secure a place of power on Earth. That manipulation was to stop an alien invasion in the future, but it also went further, into Rip’s superiors ordering the death of his family! To stick it to the Time Dicks, Snart sacrifices himself to destroy their ability to look into the timeline. That still leaves Kendra and Carter prisoner of Savage, on board his own timeship. So how will this season finale go down? Continue reading

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