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ARROW Season 6×04, “Reversal” recap

4 Nov

Welcome back, Arrowheads! With Ollie taking a long deserved break from being the Green Arrow to be a mayor and a father, it’s now to John Diggle to take the mantle and lead of Team Arrow! Of course, he has his own share of problems (nerve damage and taking some illegal drugs to relieve that pain), but Diggle is finally starting to settle into his new role. Of course there is the still at large Black Siren, and her mystery benefactor. Hey, where is she, by the way? Continue reading


Ghost In The Machine — a PERSON OF INTEREST primer

15 Jun


Stewart here…


A bit of setup: just on a brief splurge a few years back, I picked up the the first season of Person of Interest on DVD. I had heard about it, but being on CBS, a network I rarely if at all watched (and being one of the only shows without a NCIS, CSI, or Criminal Minds in the title), I had serious reservations. What surprised me was the rather high concept procedural-esque setup was one that evolved over that first season and the seasons afterwards. It reminded me of what happened to another TV show that was produced by J.J. Abrams, Fringe, in that its concept evolved into a more complex, subversive, and morally gray story. Some of that comes from the show’s creator, Jonathan Nolan (brother of big time director Christopher Nolan), who is bringing some big ideas about current and future technology into play in an network action drama. Continue reading

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