Baby, It’s Cold Outside

12 Dec

Weather has finally arrived on the west coast, with rain and wind (and probably snow for those living in higher elevations) battering the state. It’s the perfect day to stay bundled on the couch and watch movies. Or marathon a TV show. Whichever floats your boat.

But what to watch?

As it’s the holiday season, an obvious thought would be Christmas movies. Classics, cheesy, comedies, feel good, tragic romances, disaster… their are plenty for whatever your taste may be! But let’s be honest… what we really want is a marathon of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Heck, even spending the day watching the good Star Trek films would be perfect. (Though, if you are extra nerdy and choose the Star Wars option, you can always mix it up with the Star Wars Holiday Special)

Of course, the second option for days like this (and here’s hoping for a weekend straight!) is baking (or cooking). This is perfect weather to grab the kids, spouse, roommate, friends, etc, grab some ingredients and just go to town in the kitchen! Pull out that secret family recipe and add your own flair! There’s at least one batch of cookies coming out of my test kitchen this weekend.

So what’s it going to be? Syfy channel movie marathon? Classic holiday films? Pulling out the Buffy DVDs? Or whipping up all the holiday goodies? Or… you could do it all. But that’s a little too ambitious for me.

If you need me, I’ll be in my TARDIS onesie on the couch, under my cats.

What do you think?

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