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Happy Holidays from NerdLush!

24 Dec

Once again, our own D2, has created a holiday card from all of us to all of you. Can you name all the references and adventures?

Nerdlush 2014

Mid-season hiatus… What now????

8 Dec

The holidays are great, right? Pretty decorations, presents, family, food, and lots of shiny baubles to distract me! But… the holidays also mean that your favorite TV shows are taking a break. Sometimes it’s a short break- just til January- but many shows today are breaking til March and allowing other shows to sneak into their timeslot.  Continue reading

Television Graveyard- plot 6, Veritas: The Quest

27 Jan

I recently watched the Syfy series, Haven, and we know what happens when I do that, right? I tend to find an actor that I like and watch all the things. Well, I lucked out and didn’t find an actor but rather rediscovered one I’d already enjoyed but missed several things. Well, I’m partial to particular things so I opted to watch a series I remember starting  and then losing track of (probably because ABC bounced it around and then canceled it before it was truly given a chance)… I give you- Veritas: The Quest!

Veritas Banner

Continue reading

Little Piece of Heaven in Haven

21 Jan

Once again, I’m late to the party. Sometimes it really sucks to be a poor grad student with no TV, but then I remember NetFlix and Hulu and that everything I want to see will eventually be available there. Last year I finally checked out Eureka and Primeval (and it’s spinoff). So this year, during my recent enforced rest due to injury, I finally started watching Syfy’s Haven.


I’ve zipped through the available four seasons like I was marathoning an old favorite! Continue reading

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