Television Graveyard- plot 6, Veritas: The Quest

27 Jan

I recently watched the Syfy series, Haven, and we know what happens when I do that, right? I tend to find an actor that I like and watch all the things. Well, I lucked out and didn’t find an actor but rather rediscovered one I’d already enjoyed but missed several things. Well, I’m partial to particular things so I opted to watch a series I remember starting  and then losing track of (probably because ABC bounced it around and then canceled it before it was truly given a chance)… I give you- Veritas: The Quest!

Veritas Banner

13 episodes were made, so it pains me that just when you get caught up in the intrigue of it all, it ends. GRRRR. And that final scene? Where were they going to go next?!?! Sometimes I really hate when a TV show disappears into the ether.

veritas 3The series is about a teenage delinquent who gets expelled from his prep school and has to go spend time with his archaeologist father. Well, he thinks his dad is just a professor but soon finds himself caught up in an adventurous mystery to find ancient civilizations. Funded by a secret organization Dr. Zond and his team, which includes former students and colleagues as well as his best friend who used to work wet works for the series villain, track whispers and mysteries back to their source and ancient cultures and sites. There’s intrigue, there’s mystery, there’s very loose history! It’s fun for the whole family!

I’m the short one…

I have a secret… one of my earliest memories is of visiting ruins in Peru with my family… And my entire life has been full of anthropology, archaeology, and geography. My home was full of objects from ancient cultures, heck I even have pieces in my current home. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was Raiders of the Lost Ark (oddly enough… while we were in Peru). 

Needless to say… there’s a special fondness within me for TV and movies like this. Here’s a bonus family pic…

That's my mom cataloging bones at a dig site

That’s my mom cataloging bones at a dig site

Anyways, enough about me and mine, back to the show!

veritas1Veritas has a great cast including, Alex Carter (whose been in everything and is fabulous), Ryan Merriman (who I’ve adored since he first appeared on NBC as young Jarod on The Pretender), Eric Balfour (see? here’s the Haven connection), a young Cobie Smulders (before she became Aunt Robin on HIMYM), and Arnold Vosloo (oh, you know, The freaking Mummy!). All great actors and together they make an awesome ensemble. A little over the top, but come on- we’re talking about a high school drop out, a Buddhist sociopath, a widower obsessed with finishing his wifes work, and a couple of science nerds who have more skills and knowledge than any individuals should have.


This is a hard show to track down; I’ve never seen it air on any network since the original airing. However, it is a pretty fun watch if you like adventure and mystery (just not the Murder, She Wrote type of mystery). I would love to get a TV movie or something… there are a few loose ends I want tied up- like what the heck is DORNA? I’m a little frustrated right now.

Oh fun- someone put the series on youtube-


What do you think?

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