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Television Graveyard- plot 6, Veritas: The Quest

27 Jan

I recently watched the Syfy series, Haven, and we know what happens when I do that, right? I tend to find an actor that I like and watch all the things. Well, I lucked out and didn’t find an actor but rather rediscovered one I’d already enjoyed but missed several things. Well, I’m partial to particular things so I opted to watch a series I remember starting  and then losing track of (probably because ABC bounced it around and then canceled it before it was truly given a chance)… I give you- Veritas: The Quest!

Veritas Banner

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Little Piece of Heaven in Haven

21 Jan

Once again, I’m late to the party. Sometimes it really sucks to be a poor grad student with no TV, but then I remember NetFlix and Hulu and that everything I want to see will eventually be available there. Last year I finally checked out Eureka and Primeval (and it’s spinoff). So this year, during my recent enforced rest due to injury, I finally started watching Syfy’s Haven.


I’ve zipped through the available four seasons like I was marathoning an old favorite! Continue reading

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