Mid-season hiatus… What now????

8 Dec

The holidays are great, right? Pretty decorations, presents, family, food, and lots of shiny baubles to distract me! But… the holidays also mean that your favorite TV shows are taking a break. Sometimes it’s a short break- just til January- but many shows today are breaking til March and allowing other shows to sneak into their timeslot. 


Traditionally, it is also a time to catch up on the shows trapped in the DVR or on Netflix.

So I ask you- what will you be catching up on during this hiatus?

I have Teen Wolf and Haven to catch up on. Also plan to try out Scorpion and NCIS: New Orleans. What else have I been missing this season?And what have I missed on Netflix? Oh! I need to catch up on Once Upon a Time, too. And The Affair.

This is also a chance to decide if those new series you gave a try to are worth your time. I committed myself to staying with Gotham until the mid-season hiatus and was all set to give up on it. However, the last few episodes before their hiatus were pretty good. Not great, mind- but good. So I guess I will commit to completing the season. The hiatus has, in the past, been a time where I’d lose interest in a series until I could get the season on DVD in the summer. That happened a lot with Smallville. I’m a little better about coming back after the show returns now.

What shows did you try out that won’t make the cut?

What do you think?

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