Is there a point to getting up on Saturday mornings?

6 Dec

When I was a kid, we’d get up early(ish) on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. Everything from Looney Toons to Spiderman to X-Men to Gummi Bears. They ran from dawn all the way to noon. Sometimes, a network would slip in something that wasn’t a cartoon, like Power Rangers or Superboy, but it was still a silly bit of family fun. Then FOX would run a couple of movies in the afternoon- usually things that today we’d classify as Syfy channel original films; things like Night of the Lepus

But at the start of the 2014 fall TV season, the last hold out of Saturday morning cartoons stopped airing them. There was some hooey about having the programming on Saturday mornings be educational. I say hooey because kids (and adults) spend all week learning and living and sometimes we just need a little brainless fun.

And you know… G.I. Joe (amongst others) included a life lesson at the end of every episode.

What was wrong with kids (and adults) getting up on Saturday mornings to watch their cartoons? What was wrong with spending a few hours having fun? After Looney Toons, in my house, we always had to clean the house- so it was like we got to payment for our chores first.

While I rarely watched the cartoons the last few years- this was because I had no interest in Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, or any of the other shows. I did watch any DC or Marvel based cartoon. With the lack of any cartoons airing now, it really isn’t worth getting up now.

Which shows do you miss?


I’m going back to bed.

What do you think?

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