Star-Crossed! Episode 12!!

5 May

Howdy Folks! It’s your resident Emily and I’m once again here to jump up and down and wave my arms wildly that you should be watching Star-Crossed!

This week’s episode, “This Trick May Chance to Scathe You”, is the penultimate episode of the season and SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENS, I can’t even begin to explain it!

So of course, this means that we’re to the point where we’re going to find out the ultimate fate of Star-Crossed and so if you’re a fan, join me in the Star-Crossed twitter army to live-tweet the episode with the hashtag #renewstarcrossed, #stargazers, #starcrossed, and #emilyneedsajob this Monday at 8pm (Eastern or Pacific) and of course, you can watch Star-Crossed on the CW network, and on hulu, itunes, and just about anywhere you have internet.


Terman just doesn't sound as good as Romery.

What’s going on with Romery? And Draylor?? And what is Vega and the Trags (soon to be my new 80s-synth cover band name) up to?



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