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Guest Post!!~ Disney’s Maleficent Gets Magical Makeover

30 Jun

Our pal  Marc is back with another guest post! Marc watches a lot of movies and reviews them on all while defying the conventions of what a “movie critic” is typically supposed to be.


Disney Pictures presents a re-imagining of one of their most beloved fairy tale movies and puts the evil of their most feared villain in a whole new light. Maleficent stars Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and Sharlto Copley with direction from visual effects expert Robert Stromberg.

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Comic-Caps: Invincible #14-19

28 Jun


Robert Kirkman – Writer, Letterer
Cory Walker – Penciler, Inker
Ryan Ottley –  Penciler, Inker
Bill Crabtree – Colourist

Previously on Invincible
Mark learns the truth about what his father did, where he really comes from and why he’s here on Earth. A huge fight breaks out as Mark tries to stop his Dad from enslaving the planet, during the fight Mark is left comatose and Nolan leaves our Solar System.

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San Diego Comic-con 2014

26 Jun

The annual event in San Diego is rapidly approaching. Sadly, NerdLush does not appear to have an onsite representative this year. I have been going the last few years attached to the fabulous Action Flick Chick and would be there this year with the Psychology of Cult TV panel however my real life decided to conflict. The panel is scheduled for Thursday and will be awesome, so I want to encourage you to go to it. Even without my smiling face.

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SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 7, Eps. 17-20 and Season Seven Highlights

24 Jun
The Smallville season 7 minicaps would like to apologize if you don't like these last few episodes.  It was the Writer's Strike that did that.

The Smallville season 7 minicaps would like to apologize if you don’t like these last few episodes. It was the Writer’s Strike that did that.

Stewart here…

Let’s just get the big news out of the way: LIONEL WAS KILLED BY LEX!  Lionel and some of his high-society buddies were involved in a group called Veritas, who worshipped a “Traveler” from space (hint, hint) and now Lex has turned to patricide to find out the identity of this “traveler”.  Meanwhile, said “Traveler” Clark Kent loses two women in his life when Lana is left comatose by Brainiac and Kara leaves with Brainiac to who-knows-where save Lana.  Oh, and Lana’s is STILL zombified, so so much for that agreement. Continue reading

Guest Post!!~ Tom Cruises Through Time in New Sci Fi Adventure!

22 Jun

Our pal  Marc is back with another guest post! Marc watches a lot of movies and reviews them on all while defying the conventions of what a “movie critic” is typically supposed to be.


Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction film directed by Doug Liman who is most known for his work on The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The movie stars Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, and Brendan Gleeson.

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Light & Dark… Black & White… Good & Bad… who would you rather be?

20 Jun

Last year I wanted to learn more about creating “crazy” characters and utilized social media to reach out to actors, writers, and creators in order to learn the different perspectives. As a mental health professional, I have found that I lose a bit when I watch something as I tend to sit and observe the characters- looking to diagnose, to see their flaws, to learn who they are, etc. Usually I can turn it off and focus on the story but sometimes it is harder than others. Especially after a long day with clients.

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Guest Post!!~ Most Anticipated Kids’ Movies – What’s in Store

18 Jun

Catherine Ross is a full-time stay-at-home-mum who believes learning should be enjoyable for young minds. An erstwhile elementary school teacher, Catherine loves coming up with creative ways through which kids can grasp the seemingly difficult concepts of learning easily. She believes that a ‘fun factor’ can go a long way in enhancing kids’ understanding and blogs at

Thanks to her two tiny tots, Catherine has developed a keen interest in the world of kids’ movies and feels that Nerdlush is the perfect platform for her to share her thoughts on all that’s new and happening in the sphere of kids’ cinema.   


Long before I had watched any animation movie, I often used to wonder to myself – Why do people, especially kids, love animation so much? What is it about these artificially created characters (which are neither fully cartoon nor completely human) that captures their imagination? And when I didn’t find any suitable answer, I decided I would actually watch a couple of animation films and find out for myself. And guess what – I haven’t stopped watching them ever since! Continue reading

Comic-Caps: The Walking Dead #13-18

16 Jun


Robert Kirkman – Creator, Writer, Letterer
Tony Moore – Penciler, Inker and gray tones
Cliff Rathburn – Gray tones

Previously on The Walking Dead
Leaving the camp site the group pick up a few new friends and find an abandoned gated community which is not so abandoned and results in the death of Donna. On the road they go hunting a Carl is shot accidentally but survives and is patched up by Hershel. Ricks actions inadvertently cause half of Hershel’s family to be killed, after being kicked off the farm Rick and his group discover a prison.

Chapter 3: Safety Behind Bars (#13-18) Continue reading

Time for a little Pomp & Circumstance

14 Jun

In my real life I work at a place that understands celebrating accomplishments. Last night, I attended the semi-regular (i.e. occurring three times a year) graduation ceremony for those who have completed the program. It isn’t easy- more people fail or leave before they ever reach this milestone- so the celebration is important. On a personal note, I worked closely with four of the graduates over the last year and it was amazing to see them have their moment to shine. One was even valedictorian! Continue reading

Midnight Movie Madness! — a brief reflection

12 Jun

Stewart here…

A realization just dawned on me not too long ago: it has been twenty-five years since I saw my first movie at a midnight showing.  These days with some big summer movies having showings the day before at 8 PM or so, its easy to forget the earliest showing most people could get for a big studio blockbuster was at midnight.  For me, that first experience with a summer movie at midnight came in 1989 (another article I’ll have to get to, seeing how BIG that summer turned out to be), and that movie was…

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