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Bakersfield Comic Con helped me collect a new TV Dad!

18 Nov

As I recently posted, this past weekend had a convention in the South Valley of California and I trekked down with my partner in nerdery (my big brother and fellow nerd), James, to check it out. I was pretty blown away that it was the 12th year of the event and honestly the first time I had even heard about it. I honestly thought that ep of The Big Bang Theory was making it up!

I was wrong.

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Bakersfield Comic Con may be right up your alley!

15 Nov

Excited to say that we are finally heading out to a convention this year. I know, it’s November and it’s the first event we’re attending but there’s been a drop in local events this year and while there are major events all over the country from conventions we love (like Wizard World) that have been on our interest list, spotlighting smaller events is a bit of a passion. You’d think that California would be able to support more events in the Central Valley but sadly, the numbers have dropped sharply in the last two years. Continue reading

Time for a little Pomp & Circumstance

14 Jun

In my real life I work at a place that understands celebrating accomplishments. Last night, I attended the semi-regular (i.e. occurring three times a year) graduation ceremony for those who have completed the program. It isn’t easy- more people fail or leave before they ever reach this milestone- so the celebration is important. On a personal note, I worked closely with four of the graduates over the last year and it was amazing to see them have their moment to shine. One was even valedictorian! Continue reading

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