San Diego Comic-con 2014

26 Jun

The annual event in San Diego is rapidly approaching. Sadly, NerdLush does not appear to have an onsite representative this year. I have been going the last few years attached to the fabulous Action Flick Chick and would be there this year with the Psychology of Cult TV panel however my real life decided to conflict. The panel is scheduled for Thursday and will be awesome, so I want to encourage you to go to it. Even without my smiling face.


Most likely Stewart will do his usual wrap up of the news coming out of the convention. Which I always found amusing because I was on site and didn’t hear half the stuff he found! So it was good to be able to daily read those tidbits and process my own experiences.

This is a HUGE event… and can be scary, so I encourage you to read some of our convention posts. Do not walk into SDCC thinking it is like the smaller regional conventions. And please, do not think that you can just join a line whenever and see what you want or get close to the one person you want to see… There are too many fans. And way too many people who will camp out to see one thing that is after what you want to see and thus will mess up the lines. Trust me. Have a back up plan! And accept the fact that you will probably not see who it is you want to see. I have been very lucky in the past and have seen a lot of my favorite people but unless they were in a small booth, I never made plans to see anyone. It’s just too big of an event.

So here’s the point where I throw out a plea… I would love to have a guest post or two from those of you that are attending SDCC this year. Grab a few quick interviews with the people in the autograph areas. Tell me about the swag you picked up. What comics did you score? What were the coolest/scariest/out of this world cosplays? Pretty much whatever you want to talk about! I am open to videos, written pieces, and even photo albums.


What do you think?

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