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ARROW Season 2×22, “Streets of Fire” recap

7 May


Welcome back, Arrow-heads!  So the proverbial crap has hit the proverbial fan.  Ollie’s in a bit of a funk after Moira’s death, but gets put right by Team Arrow and…Laurel?  Yeah, she gives him enough motivation to get back to the hood wearing to take down Sebastian Blood and that Mirakuru-army of his.  And then Team Arrow gets sidetracked in a few ways: Ollie and Laurel being trapped in the tunnels below Starling City; Felicity getting a call from STAR Labs about that Mirakuru cure; and Diggle facing off against a really ticked off Isabel.  And things get worse with Blood’s army laying siege to places like Quentin’s precinct house and the train station where Thea is, while the army makes its way into town.  Ruh-Roh! Continue reading

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