Smallville Minicaps / Season 10, Eps. 17-20

5 Nov
The Smallville season 10 minicaps did send you the wedding invite, right?

The Smallville season 10 minicaps did send you the wedding invite, right?

Stewart here…

So here’s what you need to know: with the VRA repealed, our heroes can come out of hiding and start dealing with the big issues again. For Clark, it’s time to time to tie up some things before he gets married to Lois, like getting that Lex clone Conner set on a heroic path. There’s also the unexpected surprises, like Oliver and Chloe’s accidentally getting married (but its all good) and a parallel reality Lionel Luthor (where Clark was his prodigal son) briefly taking over his company. But there’s still more on the horizon to worry about, like Darkseid bringing evil to the world, Ollie being an unknowing agent of Darkseid, and Clark figuring out how to be out in the public as a hero while maintaining a secret identity. We got a lot to take care of before this series ends, don’t we?


Just when you think we saw the last of Clark Luthor ever, he pops up to dump our Clark in his reality, where Clark Luthor is being hunted as the criminal jerk he is. So, our Clark tries to get home, but finds himself having to reason with an extremely bitter Jonathan Kent, while Clark Luthor is looking to kill his reality’s Lionel with Tess’ help, because since he plans on staying, why not kill your exiled dad? Instead of going into a Clark/Clark super brawl, our Clark suggests Clark Luthor redeem himself by going back to his reality and take tutoring from that reality’s Jor-El. Well, good luck there, buddy. Also, Clark gets to own the Kent farm, which unlike the original haunts of seasons past, has not been turned to ruin (fingers crossed!).

"Don't ever mention that Dukes of Hazzard movie ever!  EVER!"

“Don’t ever mention that Dukes of Hazzard movie ever! EVER!”

–Looks like the Kent farm is going to be put for sale. Beats being blown up or burned to a crisp like other regular haunts this season.

–Apparently gold kryptonite exists, and it can permanently take away Clark’s powers. I smell this will come back before very long (well, there are 4 to 5 episodes left ever, so obviously it will).

–Do we think parallel reality Jonathan will get back Martha? I vote yes.

–Tess is tempted to help Clark Luthor kill Lionel. Yeah, no way is not letting that happen going to blow back on you, Ms. Luthor.

–“You’re kind of cute when you squirm.”


While Clark works on being less than super in his secret identity, a new hero, Booster Gold, arrives to hog up the limelight. Too bad Booster’s theatrics and ego let loose a lethal parasitic Blue Beetle, and its found a host to use. Oh yeah, did I mention Booster is a “hero” from the future looking to redeem himself? Well, he gets that opportunity when he helps the Beetle’s introverted host get control of the armor.

"Please, this wreck is nothing!  I saw this movie, Man of Steel, and talk about indiscriminate body count!"

“Please, this wreck is nothing! I saw this movie, Man of Steel, and talk about indiscriminate body count!”

–It’s another episode written by longtime DC writer Geoff Johns, and another episode directed by Clark Kent himself, Tom Welling (his 2nd episode this season alone).

–Tons of DC name drops, like Ted Kord (the Blue Beetle commonly known to be teamed with DC comics’ Booster Gold), and Jaime Reyes (the guy who took The Beetle identity after Kord).

–Good news: if you didn’t like “Cat” this season, this is her last appearance. And she didn’t get the promotion Lois eventually got, so depending on where you stand, double win!

–Clark gets some good advice from Booster: stop calling yourself The Blur. Try something that matches with the “S” on his jacket.

–“Will you be thanking anyone, sir?” “Me. And maybe my mom.”


When Slade shows up out of nowhere, Clark’s first question is, “Didn’t I leave him in the Phantom Zone?”, followed by, “How did he get out of there?”. Well, looks like someone opened a way to the Zone and Clark and Oliver investigate, only to find its a trap laid out for them by Zod (with a bit of help from Darkseid). So while Clark and Oliver are forced into a gladiatorial fight to the death, Lois has to keep Tess from closing the portal like Clark instructed Tess to do. And in other twisted developments, Oliver finds out he might be a pawn in waiting for Darkseid. This can’t go well.

"I couldn't quite duplicate that Katy Perry video where she's some egyptian goddess...but this'll have to do!"

“I couldn’t quite duplicate that Katy Perry video where she’s some egyptian goddess…but this’ll have to do!”

–Actually to be fair, this is Zod 3.0, now that the Zod from season nine has merged with the phantom Zod of season five. Glad this little continuity thing was addressed.

–Also, glad we also explained how Zod could have opened the portal since he’s not from the House of El: he still has Clark’s blood in him. Told you that was a mistake, Clark.

–We really go all in with the Spartacus TV show style fights this episode. And hey, did I spot a Spartan shield from 300 in the background?

–So that’s the last of Zod, since he seems to be now permanently stuck in the Phantom Zone. And another odd thing that happens from that Zone crystal’s destruction: Clark and Oliver are missing for three weeks, not three hours. Good thing Lois and Tess didn’t destroy the other crystal as planned. Also, two odd days until the Clark/Lois wedding!

–The Bow of Orion, eh? And Oliver is looking for the one thing that could destroy Darkseid? I smell trouble…


While Oliver is searching for the Bow of Orion with Kara, Clark takes Lois to the Fortress to get Jor-El’s approval. True to Jor-El: the two get a challenge, as both of them get a power reversal. This comes at a real bad time, as an investigation by super powered Lois leads her to be put under control of the Toyman, who wants her to take down the Blur. And leave it to this almost fatal event to give Lois cold feet to call off the wedding.

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...sorry, wrong show and medium.

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom…sorry, wrong show and medium.

–So Jor-El asks Kara to leave and let Clark fight this battle alone, but true to Jor-El’s bad sense of timing, she does this when Oliver gets the Bow and it gets destroyed by Granny Goodness.

–Also in bad Oliver news, he’s digging up gold kryptonite. Uh-oh.

–Kara gets a Legion ring and goes to the future (or something) and Jor-El gets shut down by Clark. Seems like we’re packing up everyone before the finale, aren’t we?

–The conference call between Toyman and his superpowers baddies (very reminiscent of the Superfriends’ Legion of Doom) was comical enough. And Toyman fails again, naturally.

–“I’m more than okay. I’m super.”

NEXT TIME: We close out season ten of the Smallville minicaps as a man accepts his destiny and becomes a hero in the series ending “Finale”, followed by a look at the highlights of the final season.

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