Do I hear a waltz? Track 4

25 Aug

It’s been quite a while since a post focused only music but as the topic of this post has been one of the top albums for several weeks, it’s about time we came back to this series. James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy has spawned a huge following- just this weekend it officially became the highest grossing film of the summer in the US- and at least a tiny part of that has to be attributed to the amazingly fun soundtrack, the Awesome Mix Vol. 1


Personally… the cd was playing constantly in my car since the end of July. Non-stop. And I have a commute. So basically the album plays all the way through at least once a day.

So what do you need to know about the soundtrack? Well, it plays a huge role in the film. It’s something that Chris Pratt’s character, Peter Quill, was given by his mother and after he was abducted from Earth, it is one of the only things he has from home. It’s all the music our generation (well… Quill’s and mine and most of the NerdLush crew and a lot of friends/fans) heard when we were little because our parents listened to it. Awwww… memories.

Now go out and buy the album from iTunes or Amazon or wherever you normally buy music. Live out your childhood (or kids, go ask your parents about cassette tapes and 8 tracks- it’ll be funny). Blast the music while driving- trust me, it’s hilariously fun.

I attaching a playlist from youtube because if you don’t already own the album this will convince you of how awesome it is. Just opening the playlist had me dancing in my seat to “Hooked on a Feeling”.


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