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Calling all NerdFriends!

30 Sep


NerdLush is open for new crew members! (This applies to current guest posters, as well!) Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 9, Eps. 20-21 and Season Nine Highlights

28 Sep
The Smallville season 9 minicaps has been brought to you by Body by Zod.  Kneel before Zod, do ab crunches before Zod...

The Smallville season 9 minicaps has been brought to you by Body by Zod. Kneel before Zod, do ab crunches before Zod…

Stewart here…

This season, Clark started a bit of a special project: to help the displaced Kandorians (well, clones of Kandorians to be fair) find a home of their own on Earth. But, there was a snag in the Kandorians’ leader, Zod. He wanted his people to rule over humanity and because of this, went a little bit nuts. Like “accidentally killed his wife and unborn child and then lied about it to jump start the domination of humanity”. So, Clark has to contend with a small gaggle of people with his super powers, while finding a mythical kryptonian artifact, the Book of Rao, that could have the power to stop this.

Before I forget, Checkmate is in ruins, the mysterious Red Queen is still out there, and Lois and Clark are out of jobs. Soooo, that just about covers it. Let’s see how this season ends… Continue reading

Stand up for your nerd self! Nerd Power!

26 Sep

Had to sit through a training on self care for clinicians today, i.e. how to take care of myself so that I can take care of my clients. Not a bad training, as trainings go, but personally I figured out my own self care approaches while in grad school- the first time. It did strike an idea- what are some self care ideas for my nerd peers? I mean, there are a lot of easy self care and coping skills that healthy adults use all the time, but are there any that strike me as key for ideas for nerds? Or what can be tweaked to be specific?

So I made a list Continue reading

Fall Season Premiere Jamboree!

24 Sep

Stewart here, and be ready for spoilers on the horizon…

The fall season of TV starts once again, and Monday and Tuesday brought several nerd-related shows back on the air, along with a possible new addition to the ranks. Well, if to start easing myself into another season of minicaps for Arrow (and that’s still two weeks away), let’s talk about these NerdLush favorites, starting with the new kid in town. Continue reading

Gotham… yay or nay?

22 Sep

So tonight is the premiere of FOX’s Gotham. Good things have been said since the pilot ep played at SDCC in July.

Here’s the question of the day? Yay or nay? Outside of the headlines that have been forced upon me, I have avoided spoilers for this one Continue reading

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a look back at season 1

20 Sep

In just a few days, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will begin its second season. Before that happens, let’s take a look back at the series freshman season.


The bulk of the NerdLush crew bought into the series from the first episode- even with the ups and downs. And we’re pretty excited to see where the series goes after that season finale… Continue reading

If I can just have 5 minutes of your time ~ Last Girl Standing

18 Sep

It’s a busy week around here, but we want to take a moment to share about a new web series. If you remember, last year we ran a little piece on Nights at the Round Table– a little series that made us giggle. Well, the creators have a new series to share and we’ve got the low-down… straight from the boss’ mouths!

Last-Girl-Promo Continue reading

SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 9, Eps. 16-19

16 Sep
The Smallville season 9 minicaps plays chess, not checkers.

The Smallville season 9 minicaps plays chess, not checkers.

                                                                                                                                                            Stewart here…

Last we left everyone, we had a few surprises. One was Chloe and Oliver becoming way more than just friends, if you know what I mean. Another comes when Clark saved Zod from dying with some of his super blood. I’m sure Zod feels grateful for that, except now he’s using the Blur’s secret identity to get Lois to unwillingly spy on everyone. Oh, and he can fly. Barely a few hours with powers, and he can fly. That happened. So let’s see how that and that mysterious group Checkmate fit into things in this installment… Continue reading

Ghost in the Machine… glitches overrun- is it Skynet?

14 Sep

The other day I spent 2 hours on hold with Best Buy because their system decided that the two items I had pre-ordered needed to be shipped separately to different addresses. Excuse me? It took the nice lady 2 minutes to fix the issue.

She said it was a glitch in their updated system.  Continue reading

Awkward! Don’t forget the importance of music!

12 Sep

Have you ever watched the deleted scenes on a DVD and scene your favorite characters having a conversation in a dance club? Awkward! It’s nothing but the dialogue fighting to be heard over the shuffling feet of extras pretending to look sexy while dancing with no music.

It should be pointed out that there is an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were there is no background music- when Joyce dies- but it’s still gone through post production and had those awkward none relevant sounds removed so as not to pull focus from the rest of the emotionally driven episode. Continue reading

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