Stand up for your nerd self! Nerd Power!

26 Sep

Had to sit through a training on self care for clinicians today, i.e. how to take care of myself so that I can take care of my clients. Not a bad training, as trainings go, but personally I figured out my own self care approaches while in grad school- the first time. It did strike an idea- what are some self care ideas for my nerd peers? I mean, there are a lot of easy self care and coping skills that healthy adults use all the time, but are there any that strike me as key for ideas for nerds? Or what can be tweaked to be specific?

So I made a list (and I’d love to hear from some of you about your own nerdy self care!)…

  • accept your nerdness
  • admit your nerdness to others- start small, and test the waters
  • allow your enjoyment of “nerdy” things to grow- don’t stop yourself from enjoying batmobiles just because your collection is overtaking your office space ūüėČ
  • don’t be afraid to try out new nerd things- you like Sci-Fi? have you tried fantasy or horror? sometimes the mix of things will be even more fun!
  • need to de-stress and get a change of scenery? how about planning for and heading out to a local or nearby convention! don’t push for a MAJOR event on first go- they require more planning/preparation and are their own sources of stress.
  • have a game night
    • don’t be afraid to make alterations- our Buffy board game was designed through season 4… we added all the later seasons!
    • have you read the Oreo post? there are great ideas for games there!
  • marathon your favorite show or movies with your friends- have your own MST3K fun!
  • get a group together and create a random day trip party- i.e. draw a destination out of a hat, get in the car, and go adventure!
  • get a group together and cosplay to dinner or to a movie or… wherever! (a group of us once cosplayed Star Trek to a showing of¬†Repo the Genetic Opera…¬†Hiliarity ensued!) (also used to get dressed up in formal attire and make slurpee runs)
  • try out a new title- see a comic you’ve never read? give it a try- new & different is often refreshing to mind & body. this works for TV shows, music, books, movies, etc… essentially, be open to trying something new- you never know where the adventure will lead.
  • explore where you live. this is another idea for getting out and de-stressing by changing your environment- essentially nobody ever acts like a tourist in the place they live but it can be quite refreshing/revitalizing to see your home from another perspective.
  • remember this- and be proud to be who you are!

These are just a few great tools for de-stressing or dealing with difficult times in our lives, but you do not have to be stressed out to utilize them! Heck, some of these sound like fun things to do on the weekend!

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