Ghost in the Machine… glitches overrun- is it Skynet?

14 Sep

The other day I spent 2 hours on hold with Best Buy because their system decided that the two items I had pre-ordered needed to be shipped separately to different addresses. Excuse me? It took the nice lady 2 minutes to fix the issue.

She said it was a glitch in their updated system. 

Last month, I spent over an hour talking to UPS because a glitch in their system wouldn’t let me change a delivery setting. It demanded that I give it authorization, but gave no option to do that. Talked to 4 people, including managers, and no one knew why it was doing that. It’s a glitch in their system.

I recently heard that another company had changed how they address things to my mom- reverting to a married name she hasn’t had in 30 years. There’s a glitch in their system.

So what is happening? Is Skynet finally becoming self-aware and starting it’s attempt to take over?

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but it seems like everytime there’s an update the operating systems of our cellphones or computers, it takes months to fully clear up the issues created by the new and improved tech. Perhaps it’s time to go back to paper and pencil, step away from the machines, and relearn how to stand on our two feet.

Before the machines take us all down.

What do you think?

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