Let’s Talk About Something New~ Nights At The Round Table

15 Jun
KNights At The Round Table

Nights At The Round Table

Dee2 here…

You know after the opening shot and the old school game theme music that you’re in for a treat. Think “The Guild” mixed with a little “I.T. Crowd”. I think they’re onto something here. The acting is pretty good and the characters memorable and funny without trying too hard.

Amelia Tyler (Harmony), Jennifer Jordan (Millie), James Rotchell (Sam), Arron Dennis (Max)

Amelia Tyler (Harmony), Jennifer Jordan (Millie), James Rotchell (Sam), Arron Dennis (Max)

The premise, a group of gamers; Max- Mage/Supermarket Dude,  Millie-  GM/Librarian,   Harmony- Necromancer/Unemployed and Sam- Warrior/Solicitor, need a fifth member for their table top gaming adventures.  In this first episode we get a brief look at the personalities of these four and the hesitant acceptance & suspicion over their newest member, Sam. Which, after hearing of the demise of his fourth seat predecessors, isn’t so sure he wants to join anyway.  After a small stand-off, discussion over finding a fifth and final member is put on the table. Well actually, it’s put on a supermarket billboard. And in all the funny, we see the vulnerability these four feel in opening up their circle to someone completely new. I think “Nights At The Round Table” web-series shows some promise and I look forward to seeing the future candidates that sit in that fifth seat.

I recommend you check this new web-series out. Who knows, maybe you’re that fifth gamer they’re looking for.

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