Pondering a cosplay question- does not compute

17 Aug

I started a training this week for the job I am doing for the next year. One of the topics related to proper dress attire- should be common sense stuff,right? Especially since I am working at a prison. But apparently my institution is fairly lax and there are a lot of questionable things that have been worn inside…

The basic thing is don’t wear the same color as the inmates. And, ladies, remember that men are looking at you as though you are a piece of meat. And they are starving.

Pretty simple, right?

But it got me thinking about cosplay again- something that’s been happening a lot since I started this site.

I’m not one of those people who think a cosplayer in a skimpy outfit is asking to be harassed- so please don’t think that. I firmly believe that NO ONE has the right to harass any other person- FOR ANY REASON- but especially not in regards to what they are wearing.

What I was thinking about was that if I spend so much time worrying about what I wear to work in order to not have an inmate ogle or sexually harass me, why am I cosplaying in something that essentially forces others to look at my breasts/legs/ass/etc?

download (1)I understand there’s a freedom in dressing up and being that character. I understand there’s fun in others getting enjoyment in your cosplay. I get it, I really do. But every woman who dresses up as Power Girl is literally forcing me to look at her breasts.

And it’s not just women, either. Guys that cosplay 300 or Aquaman… dude, you are forcing me to look at your abs and junk!

And yes, I could look somewhere else. I frequently do! But eventually it becomes an issue trying to walk around while staring at the ceiling…

I’m not saying don’t be sexy- obviously have fun. And I’m definitely not saying that if someone is harassing a cosplayer there’s no room to complain because “they were asking for it”- No matter what someone wears, they were not asking to be harassed. I am just wondering about why it’s OK to limit your everyday wear to something that actually covers you but then turn around to wear something that barely covers the naughty bits?

And while I’m on this topic- most of the characters are created by men. I’m pretty sure they design the characters so that they can ogle them. Which, honestly, is pretty skeezy. Last year, I think, I linked to an article that showed if male comic characters were drawn like females. Including their costumes. Let’s be honest- those heroes would never go fight in those outfits. The only female character outfit that actually works is the new Batgirl- she’s got the only outfit a male character would wear.

I have a set of rules published and updated in regards to cosplaying. They are mostly for fun but also serve as common sense points. Please- cosplay!! And enjoy!! But let’s also be smart about it.

Sound off below- this was mostly a thought that came to me during the training… am I completely wrong? Do you agree? Disagree? Really interested to hear from readers!

What do you think?

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