Random off schedule post because… it’s a T-rex.

21 Feb

So, apparently Primeval: New World (a current obsession of mine, obviously) had the plug pulled this morning. And via twitter and Facebook, I’ve been participating in the posts to save it- it’s a fun show! And sometime earlier today, I RT’ed or “liked” the following pic… 

Admit it... you feel better now.

Admit it… you feel better now.

And now you’re asking, why are you busting in and making an off-schedule post about this? Well… in looking at today’s stats, there have apparently been several searches here for his picture. Which I did not create- nor do I know who did. I did a quick search on Google and discovered it’s been circulating since at least 2010. Anyways, the search happened, but with no results, because I didn’t have the post here. And I felt bad! So here’s the pic, which I am posting for posterity and because it’s awesome. And now those searches will end happy. 🙂

Also… please go like the Save Primeval: New World page on FB, and use the hashtags #SaveNewWorld #SavePrimevalNW on twitter. I’d really like to get a season 2. I say this knowing that season one ends on a cliffhanger- but I’m still 3 episodes behind because I don’t want it to end. I blame Niall for getting me interested in the show in the first place. Sigh. Alright… I promise to watch the last 3 episodes tonight so that I can obsess and then write another post on the series. Fyi- dinosaurs in your future!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled posting schedule.

One Response to “Random off schedule post because… it’s a T-rex.”


  1. Stop the needless unemployment of innocent dinosaurs! Join the cause! | NerdLush - March 9, 2013

    […] New World, it was announced that it’s network would not be renewing. Essentially, the dinosaur romp was cancelled. The blow hit the fans hard- especially considering how the original UK series had been cancelled […]

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