Beat the heat?

19 Aug

For some unknown reason I opted to spend last week in central California. Which is basically a desert- with farming. But reaches temps over 100* all summer. I ran out of the LA because it was in the high 80s/low 90s and basically unlivable. So I ran home… to 109*. I am an idiot.

But this brings up an interesting thought- what do you do to beat the heat? I’m partial to movies. Either at home (in front of a fan and in the dark) or at the theater in blissful air conditioning. I also enjoy the pool, but only after the sun is no longer touching and preferably not one previously inhabited by small children.

Anyone have other suggestions of ways to beat the heat? There are things I’d love to be doing-going to the zoo or Universal Studios- but in the heat, I’d probably keep over dead. I’m sun sensitive and basically a cave dweller. If LA was more like SF (i.e. foggy) going over to the coast for a day would be nice- but we have sunny beaches. Not fun.

Makes me wish I had better AC in my apt… I’d be much more productive if my apt wasn’t so warm all the time. Sigh.

Other then going to the movies, are there any other nerdy places you’d suggest for hiding from the heat?

What do you think?

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