Um… yeah, that’s my TARDIS

30 Mar

So… You know how people name their cars? In my time as a car owner/driver, I have had “Smurfette” (which I inherited from my brother, who inherited from our step-mother’s aunt), “White Lightning” (which I inherited from my mother after Smurfette blew up in the drive-thru of Taco Bell), “Eclipse” (which I “bought” from my dad when the dealership refused to sell me something new), “Impulse” (which I bought from a dealership on an impulse buy when I just went to pick up brochures to begin “thinking” about a new car), and finally… my current car… the PT Cruiser known as the “Tardis”. Impulse died dramatically a bit after it was fully paid for and I was left living in LA without a car. Something that is  doable but not easy for someone who already had plans on the calendar that required being in places very far away from each other in short time spans. So… now I’ve had my Tardis for about a year and half, and I love her. But I’m just now decorating her for her namesake.

Adipose is my co-pilot

He wanted to drive but he has no sense of direction

Hard to see, but there's a Tardis in the window 🙂

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    […] in a few) and I swear I see what appears to be either smoke or steam coming from my engine. Now, my Tardis has no indicator lights on, the temp gauge is normal, and there are no smells or noises. So […]

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